Sinister tarot

What exactly is the sinister tarot, how does it differ from regular tarot, and where can you find meanings for the cards?

I’ve seen sample *** sinister tarot cards, and look similar to what I could draw. It would be interesting to draw the demons on the minors.

I only know of one “sinister tarot” and it is from that order that cannot be named. For that one, however, you are supposed to create it yourself, from the descriptions given.

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(lmao, DK answered before I did)

It was a tarot devised for a particular order.

It was only majors done in a very limited run.

Otherwise you were meant to create your own tarot particular to yourself and your growth and gnosis in the order/current.

I don’t think there was official meanings anywhere (that I remember).

I like the artwork of some of the cards

I found this that’s largely indpired by the sinister tarot.


Nice. Thank you @crookedpathfinder and @DarkestKnight!


I’ve actually got that one.