Single target or multi target

So that party I went to two weeks ago was hosted by a group that host similar events every two weeks. Tomorrow is the next event.

I met a girl there and there was a mutual interest. I wanna use magick to improve my chances. Though she practices the occult too. Idk her level, but I she could potentially know what I’m trying to do and get mad.

I could instead use the ritual To target the whole event instead, of which she would be affected if she attends.

Which is a better option.

Why not use magick on yourself, to increase the strength of your aura, and energy, so you give off a confident, seductive vibe?

It would be a lot easier and most likely far more successful.


I’m using Lucifer and the hidden demons. I can use self targeting effects

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how is your experience with the book. I am going to buy it and would like to know if its worth the time. Also is it completely safe?

The book is mostly visualizes of landscapes. No candles, no invocations, not even descriptions of the demons. Pure simplistic. This is what you want, visualize this in this process. The group that writes books like this, the gallery of magick, are not my favorite actually. I’m a fan of the modern day rituals where you speak invocations.

The visualizations have worked a few times, but I don’t necessarily feel like I’m doing magick at all. I’m a hypothetical beginner with no knowledge on demons. I have no idea who I’m calling upon or what they are life. I don’t even know how to picture them. I actually have knowledge and research, but not from the book.

Dealing with ANY spirit or deity should be considered serious. You should know who you’re talking to, what they’re about, and what you’re getting yourself into. Though. not every spirit is dangerous. Some can be quite benign. Some are just there to help you out as opposed to being freelancers. However, learning about a spirit not only helps you determine if it’s good or bad for your intent, but also helps you identify the spirit and feel its energy. What this book does it that it says “Oh you want this? You should talk to him.” It doesn’t tell you ANYTHING about the named demon. It just expects you to go up to the demon and say “Could you give me this?” That’s basically it.

You are contacting a demon without knowledge of it. Theoretically, you shouldn’t be safe. However, you are, and depending on the situation and options at hand, the book works. You do not feel close to the demon nor do you get the feeling that you’ve actually done anything magickal. And yet, it still works.

The book’s worth to you should be based on what you want. If you want quick (possible) answers to basic problems and don’t care about getting closer to spirits, try the book. If you want to become closer to the spirit you are calling upon, go for something else.

All of this is my opinion. Others may feel different. The Gallery of magick isn’t so much for serious occultists. They offer quick fix books with little to no substance. Again, all my opinion.

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I feel like a lot of new magick books take a lot of the “getting to know you part out of it”. I do have a desire to know demons and angels but im cautions. For me its their energy, I cant see them but i can feel them. Once I leached off the energy of raziel he was pissed, really angry at me. Like hit you with a brick anger.

I like their books and am always willing to expand my collection

Anyway ty for the your thought

I use it for quick magical fixes in addition to all meditations I’m doing.

I still don’t get the same feeling I get after a full ritual. In fact it feels like I’m cheating.

have you tried haney archers books ?


he has a book that utilizes 72 from both sides

What’s the name

the magick of angels and demons.

Isn’t that by the same people

no henry archer is not from the gallery of magick. he only has two books.

So how do the rituals work?

Well basically your summoning about 4 angel. The ruling angel and the three attending angels, the attending angels then summon the counter part of the ruling angel then they both work on a problem for you.

lets take haaiah and bime both are number 26 in their place. The attending angils summon bime before haaiah then they both work on the same problem for you.

In Lucifer and the hidden demons, you’re first summoning lucifer. Then you work your way down through several levels of a hierarchy. Each summoning is a visualization of different landscapes. Like I said, no images of the demon. The visualizations are hardly consistent with each other.

reeeee toxicmasculinity! :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay evoke her Higher Self and make a no-bullshit statement of how you and her can get together and have fun.

Honour it though by being honest with her and not a total wanker. :+1:


You know how some guys lie or pretend to be something they’re not? That’s not me. What you see is what you get. I instinctively give the truth, both the kind of person I am and my intentions. I’m simply looking for some magical help. My intent is not to pull the wool over her eyes or force her to be into me, but to make me be seen in the best possible light. Again being honest.

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Well HS’s are kind of godlike power so that was why I said that, I have no idea what you want. :slight_smile: