Simple sigil question

Hi folks,

I’ve been experimenting with sigils - just trying to find a method that works for me.

A statement from one of my sigils that worked was:

I have an exciting new job offer

And low and behold, I now have an exciting new job offer. Whether this was just a happy coincidence or is directly correlated to my sigil, I am undecided. I’m still experimenting and analyzing it all. It took 2 months, which is OK in this instance.

Question is: How do I write a sigil that has a timeline attached to it? In my above sigil I was careful about my choice of vocabulary - I wanted to use the word ‘have’ instead of ‘I will have’ - As the latter refers to the future and may translate to that I will never attain it - and instead, just saying ‘have’ puts me in the here and now.

But let’s say that I want to obtain a specific result by the end of the month. And of course I consider this event to be entirely plausible. Then it feels like it would be OK for me to put a date on my sigil somehow…

So taking my above example and changing it to -

I will have an exciting new job offer by the end of the month

Would that statement be OK - I mean, now I’m using the word ‘will’… But which month?

Or is it the case with sigils that you just write

I have an exciting job offer

So, no timeline and just let the universe do its thing?

Maybe I’m over thinking this all - but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thx :slight_smile:


Hey, thank you very much for the links - very interesting… And actually I’m not entirely sure if the flashing has happened during the charging of my sigils, it might have though - I just might not have consciously observed it.

However - my opening question relates more to the writing of a sigil statement rather than the rest of the process. I’m using different methods of charging the sigil etc. and tracking them through a magikal diary as part of my experiment.

I’m stuck on how to write a sigil with a timeline - taking into account the tense of the wording etc. And even if you can put a timeline on a sigil.

Appreciate the links though, cheers!

Yes, you can put a time frame on your statement of intent. Spare style sigils don’t necessarily have to be in present tense. You’re working with your own subconscious mind, and contrary to popular opinion, it knows perfectly well what time is.

My advice would be to use the classic “It is my will…” instead of just “I will.” That way, you are telling your subconscious that this is what you want to happen.

So your intention statement would be something like “It is my will to receive an exciting new job offer by the end of the month.”

And yes, your subconscious will know that the ‘end of the month’ means the end of the current month.

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Thank you.

‘it is my will’ - I like that.

Great help, much appreciated!!!

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