Simple manipulation spells

What is the simplest manipulation spell/ritual that you know of, and that has worked for you? We are talking about manipulation of the sex kind. And by simple I mean that requires the less amount of objects or materials to be performed. I do know everything requires effort and intention.


Get a plain white cord/lace (or the color of the targets star sign can be used), cleanse it with holy water then consecrate/bless it using incense to be a representation of their mind, body and soul in every way and that anything you do to it you do to them.
Then oil it up, stating out loud that you have seized there mind, body and soul, you have claimed them, they are under your control in every way.
Afterwards, whatever your intentions, meditate/visualise what you want them to do and the outcome, placing a knot in the cord representing your demand/command your making them do/bringing into their life.

Thats just a neat and simple one, that comes in handy as it is quick and easy.


Do I keep the cord afterwards? What kind of oil?


Simple silver tongue and manipulation of links.


Vampyric manipulation. Drain the target until they are fairly fatigued, implement your energy with the intended manipulation (with a vortex of your own energy for example).

Remove tendrils and wait.


Any domination oil…you can choose to either hide or bury the cord on their property, or put it somewhere for future uses

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Hi, What book do you recommend for vampyrism?


It depends on the type of vampyrism you are interested in.

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I do not know what types of vampyrism exist and what exactly can be done. Let’s say, I want to steal energy from some people to increase my own charisma, my energy bank, and to transform myself with Magick. I’m looking for a really effective method that does not cost $ 400 a pound …

Should we make a suggestion while we absorb the energy of the target so that it is more receptive to our desire? Or should we load it with our energy magnetize by our desire so that it is more receptive …?

Look for practical books about vampyrism then, forgetting about the ritualistic and ceremonial parts.

That is something that you need to find out by yourself and how it applies to your benefits.
Each of us have a very unique energy with specific characteristics that can benefit certain techniques instead of others.

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