Simple Introduction

Just a simple introduction nothing else

Pretty new to Magick but have always had an interest in the Occult. Grew up non-religious but am a very spiritual person and even more so now since being involved with Magick. Have mostly used Sigil magick to great effect. Actually I can’t even name a time Magick has failed on me…from seduction to just a helping hand. Very thankful for what I have achieved already and want to learn more to better myself and help others close to me. That’s about it really… see y’all around!

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How long have you practiced?

Is there a particular area of magick you are interested in?

Welcome @1solated :slight_smile:

Just a few months, though I have read about it here and there for probably a couple years now. I’m just getting into working with demons but am still reading up on everything I can just to approach it safely.

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Thank you for answering :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Balg forum. Here is my thread for new people to magic.