Simple Candle Spell

This is a very simple spell that I am getting back in the habit of doing daily. One of the biggest distractions with working magic is becoming too focused on the physical realm (not that focusing on the more magical side is good either. It needs to be in balance). One of the ways I have fallen into this is becoming obsessed with the lack of basics (enough money for Bill’s, machines breaking, streaks of bad luck, etc). Instead of the usual going back into despair until I eventually break out of my maddness, I have reawakened one of the first spells I have ever used. While this can be used to gain excess, it is more of a basic safety net to where you are comfortable enough to look beyond at the goals you really want to set your sights on.

You will need:
-A candle (obviously. Can be any color but I prefer green personally)
-A symbol of prosperity (I use a small pewter cornucopia charm, but you can use pictures of money, cows, food, clovers, etc)
-your hands and your voice

Take the candle in your hands and mediate for a moment. Slowly visualize threads of life connecting every soul, every object, and every reality being present in front of you. See your own threads connecting to yourself. Search each thread for connections of what you need (money for the bills to be covered, more food in your house, feelings of comfort, etc) and slowly roll the candle in your hand, spinning the threads to yourself and your candle.

Allow the energy to build while reciting the phrase “Invocate Fortuna” (translates to: "invoke/call Luck/prosperity). Continue until the energy becomes uncontainable and then force it into the candle. Proceed to light the candle and allow to burn as long as you wish to allow the energy to flow into your home.

You technically do not have to constantly repeat this process, but I find it helps to not only add more power into the ritual but helps with practicing visualization and energy work. I hope you find this helpful and interesting. Thank you


Thank you for taking the time to post this, it will be very helpful.


This sounds fantastic thank you

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You worded it exactly like I think: worrying about basics like that and falling back on something simple i did in the beginning that worked.

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Sometimes the best way is to go back to what worked the most in the beginning and rebuild your foundation that can be used to help build grander things on top of. Otherwise, as I have learned the hard way, it is just another house of cards. And the K.I.S.S. mentality is helpful in all matter of things lol


I like your ritual for drawing success and the law-of-attraction can be a factor using the idea of symbols or objects that will attract prosperity hopefully the success, or luck will follow.

You might also want to consider a talisman and concreted it with your ritual, I created a small silver wheel and added a small horseshoe and a green eagle to draw luck and prosperity. This way luck and fortune would hopefully follow you.


Excellent idea. I actually charged my wallet while doing this as a way to “carry” the magic with me outside of the house this morning when I casted this spell again. But an additional charm may not be a bad idea as well.


Great idea on the wallet a powerful symbol. I agree also on “kiss” keep it as simple as possible and hopefully good results will follow.


Should make an update on some results I have had:

-since doing this, the car that was broke down due to wiring issues with its computer has been replaced by a sturdy utility vehicle. It still needs more work down but the money to afford the repairs has been coming in smoothly.
-I had one night where I had to call in due to a family emergency (we are all okay now). The day’s pay I lost was repaid by an extra work day being scheduled where I made up the money lost.
-mysteriously found some extra cash to put more food in the house than usual which helped due to an extra mouth needing to be feed this week.
-Wife’s right palm is itching like crazy which has always been a sign of more money coming in.

They seem small results but have helped a lot as finacial blows seem to come in small amounts gradually. definitely recommend this as a protection to get all expenses covered from life’s surprises and as a foundation to build on.

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