Simple and effective meditations?

Do you have any advice for meditations that take little time to do but are effective? (like aura cleansing)

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Energy clearing:

You can just do it on its own, or for each chakra/whatever, etc…

Breathing in you visualize inhaling what works for you, and on the exhale you visualize black smoke coming out that gives way to a light steam.

Visually representing that you’re burning off all the nasty stuff and breathing it out as smoke until all that’s left is steam.


Some useful meditation techniques from /fringe/:


Qigong in general is an amazing moving meditation, synchronizing the chi flow between mind, body and spirit

Things like breath control I’ve learned from esoteric masonry are also amazing for decompressing everything including energy and it only takes like 10-15 minutes to achieve a state of bliss or zen

If you’re looking for a long meditation, I’d put a pillow under you and meditate with your spine straight for like an hour or more, that will empower pretty much everything, astral senses, soul travel, higher state of consciousness etc.

I personally like relaxing in meditation and not focus so much on posture but I’ve noticed the erect spine meditations drastically increase the magick in my meditation and you’re more likely to have an insane experience in shorter time

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Nothing whimsical.
Focusing on the expansion of your diaphragm, likely truly feeling it pull with each filling breath, often helps me. Holding my breath for 7 seconds, then exhaling for a total of 8, helps too. Both can be used a precursor into a more intense meditation that requires absolute stillness or the like.

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Can you send to me link

Perhaps combining a few types of meditation into one. For example observing the breath while mentally repeating a (magical, Hebrew, Hindu…) mantra and doing a visualization; or instead of focusing on breath, concentration on a chakra.

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Sorry, the website got shut down a while ago and I have no knowledge of any archives.

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