Simon necronomicon spellbook for making someone lust after you

hey everyone i just read simon necronomicon spell book, its a good book i am gonna try for baneful magic but i was thinking 50 names of marduk dont have anything with love or lust, have anyone tried this spell book for love or lust? or can anyone recommend me which marduk name is good for love lust??

Haha I just got the spellbook today. It’s a really good book.

I try the apple spell post here, it was not wat i want it gime a aura of glamour to the chick i want.

Idk maybe im crazy but I wouldnt use any of Marduks names for a lust spell

i am gonna use 20th spell tonight. :grinning:

so what happened finally ?? she was lusty to u ??

She was but she work in a public place and talk was hard, so i left her.and give up. But spell yes work 4 me.

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Hegal and Gil tend to be associated with that and then there’s the famous/infamous Inanna or Ishtar Apple Spell. Ultimately, all of this boils down to consciousness and to habitual patterns (beliefs/personal truths) in your consciousness. The extent to which a spiritual/magickal system helps you adjust your consciousness directly into or into alignment with your desired outcome is what matters.


Wouldn’t you be better working with innana and ishtar then.


thnx for the information , i was confused coz it is not clearly mentioned that spell could manipulate a girl to become lusty for us.

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Spells, in a certain sense, are bullshit: it is the consciousness that does it. It matters not what the spell says it will or will not do but what you think it will do. However, since rituals are a powerful tool to shift consciousness, spells will never be actual bullshit. Think of spells as symbolic actions to align to a desire.

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