Silly question

I am going to do a money spell. It will be a candle ritual with a sympathetic money poppet.
What do I do with the poppet after the ritual, that signifies something positive? I am thinking as apposed to what one does when they do a baneful ritual and bury the doll.
This is not specified in the eBook, and I haven’t quite spotted it yet in WOD.

Thank you ahead of time for the answer.

Personally I would keep it and use it for future prosperity spells.

If you do wish to get rid of it bury it on your property if possible to keep the positive energy near your home. You can also dispose of it at a crossroads, river or in the hollow of an old tree.

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You could treat the poppet like a opened sigil: fold it in half and put it away where it won’t be seen even by you. Then, once it’s obvious that the influence of the ritual has run it’s course bury it or burn it. I’m not sure if you should also dispose of the bills that are tied on the pic though, personally I wouldn’t.

If you want the transubstantiation without giving up your own cash sells fake rolls of realistic looking money for that very purpose.

Can you keep that poppet on a permanent money altar? Or do you need to keep your magic concealed? If you can openly do magick in your home, I would set aside a small money altar and leave the doll there and continually work the altar to assure that I would always have money coming in. If you have to be more secretive about the magic you do, then I would put the doll in small shoebox with an appropriate sigil or a seal of Jupiter and appropriate herbs/curios in there and hide it in my closet or underneath my bed.