Signs You Are the Target of a Love Spell

So recently I have been feeling a surge of both emotions and energies that clearly are not mine.
My ex-girlfriend dabbled in the craft and was actually skillful when it came to manifestations. I have a very strong gut feeling that she indeed put a love spell on me. She has recently called me to which I declined. I haven’t talked to her in about a month and she hates to lose.

Anyways, these are the things that could signify you are the target of a love spell. I have had these signs frequently for the past two weeks. The key here is to understand your emotions but not let them control you. THESE ARE NOT YOUR EMOTIONS. You are simply being influenced by outside energies. Take control!


1). Dreaming of the person you are thinking about
2.) Sudden urge to contact this person
3). Sudden feelings of longing for this person’s attention
4.) Sudden feelings of sadness and hopelessness when thinking about this person
5.) Seeing numbers related to them
6.) Sudden urge to check on his or her social media
7.) Seeing his or her astral form
8). Hearing them communicate to you telepathically

I’ve found that distracting yourself is truly the key to avoiding the spell and energies. If you are more experienced, however, you can actually “eat” these energies for an energy boost or send them back at the spellcaster. Both methods require strict discipline and knowledge of all energies currently around you. If you believe you are under a love spell… STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. Distract yourself. This is the number one way to let the energies run their course and then eventually dissipate.

Thank you, and have a wonderful rest of your week.


A normal person would call this a break up.


Seriously, why aren’t love spells considered baneful? Its the equivalent of spiritual rape.


Most , if not all these signs could also point to hard core OBSESSION and LIMERANCE - no spell needed for that :slight_smile:


I agree with this statement.

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I will not dispute that. I used to be extremely obsessive. The reason I made this post is because I do not obsess over her anymore. I was very solid for about a month and then suddenly these feelings started kicking in again. I believe she cast a spell on me. But I could very well be in my head.



I definitely feel your ‘pain’ - I can partly relate to your situation (feelings suddenly kicking in after a month or so, even after when you think you have forgotten/ignored them - and I also experienced an intense partly lucid part erotic dream etc). Perhaps our subconscious suddenly longing for them , even if we feel we’ve lost the obsessiveness ? I’m still trying to figure out to be honest.

Perhaps try to cut the cords between you and them using archangels Raziel and/or Michael ?

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I think those can also be normal stages after a break up. It’s common, that lovesicknes comes in phases and sometimes it comes back even when you though you were over it.
Distraction would help you with that, as well :slight_smile:

If you think she put a spell on you, you can always do some work to cleanse yourself.

Also, when she tries to communicate with you telepathically, you can try to build a wall around you with meditation. Might help for the start.

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