Signs of the Times

Hello. I did not know where this thread would fit well, as such, I have posted it in general discussion.

I have been informed by my spirits that four forum members will receive an item either from their past or of importance to them in the next week. It is one item per individual, and the items will have one of these colors primarily-

  • green
  • yellow/gold
  • purple/pink
  • black/brown

If you find such an item, of importance that is mostly one of the above colors, I encourage you to private message me to discuss things.

There is an interesting road ahead.

If you find such an item and choose not to message me, no harm no foul. You could say those items are like “tickets”- I am vague as I do not know terribly much about them myself.

Note: this is in no way affiliated with BALG. This is personal.


Bumping this.

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Again, as according to my spirits the deadline for this is the 20th.

Ah, like getting the golden ticket for Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Interesting. I will follow this discussion.

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Five-ish days left.