Signs from Asmodeus

I feel like Asmodeus is trying to contact me. I have been having unusually lustful dreams and I’ve realized my temperament has changed a bit too after I was started looking into him. How do I know if he is actually sending me signs?


I say don’t worry about it. Worst case scenario, you get some sexy ass dreams, best case scenario, you begin a path working with Asmodeus. I’m struggling to see the problem.


There’s not a problem. That’s what I want. I just want to know if I’m on the right path of connecting with him

@Charon evoke him and ask

There’s nothing to be afraid of. While he is most known for lust and wrath there is so much to him and he basically does it all. From finances and love, to architecture and knitting. If you feel he’s calling to you, definitely reach out. He’s been kind, patient, loyal, protective, and always there when I reach out to him. Worst case scenario is he shows up, lets you know it wasn’t him and leaves.


I work with asmodeus, he’s very chill


Be aware, He’s the representation of lust. @Charon

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I can not say the same since he kicked my butt :grin:


Please tell me about your experience with him