Significance of the number 72

Hey guys, I’m just inquiring about something, and that is the number 72. Last night I was at dinner and we were playing games, I asked “I wonder what’s my lucky number”, so maybe I could get more lucky, then out of the blue my mom said “72”, and she didn’t know why…

Just know as I was reading The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish it was talking about how the number 72 was the full length of the universal architects’ name(who ever they are, lol). As I was looking 72 is also the number of Goetic Demons.

What’s your guys’ knowledge about the number 72 in general?

From “Sepher Sephiroth” by Crowley and Bennett


-The 72 names of God and the 72 angels related to them
-Adonai, transliterated as by Lemegeton, etc.
-Geomantic intelligence of Saggitarius
-In, so, thus, then
-In the secret
-And they are excellent, finished
-Kindness, mercy
-Tetragrammaton in Atziluth
-Atziluth’s “Secret Nature” - thickness, cloud; Aub

Obviously, all those meanings are related to Hebrew words/concepts that add up 72 in gematria