Sign vs coincidence

I was wondering if someone could differentiate the terms “sign” and “coincidence” for me, because someone who was supposed to be my mentor (Isn’t any more) told me that there are no such things as coincidences and that every little detail you notice is a message from an entity/the universe. But I tend to notice these “signs” almost every hour and they all confuse me now. For example, I can see the same number a number of times a day and when I look into it, I get a message and when I see another number and look into it, I get a message that is the total opposite of the other. I tried to search for results but they weren’t clear enough. Could I please get an explanation? With some examples of a sign and a coincidence. Thanks in advance.


To get rid of confusion like that I would suggest using the term irreducible about everything you experience. In this way you will no longer distinguish between signs and coincidences but instead intuitively be able to feel/experience what is relevant and irrelevant to you at a given time.

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I already know how to tell what a sign is, but sometimes I’ll come to a part where I just think and feel that it is a coincidence, even though it relates to my situation in almost every way. That’s how I can’t differentiate between the two. Or I’ll come to a part where the sign/message seems a bit too ridiculous for me to perceive as a sign, so I’ll think of it as a coincidence.

I know that you aren’t supposed to ignore signs but sometimes I just feel it is as a coincidence and not think much of it, and in the end it turns out to have been a sign all along.

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