Sign of the horns - after LHP rituals has an actual multidimensional effect

Hi there dear Asenath,

After doing many left hand path rituals, also with the beings of your book qlipothic meditations, and
Satan in particular as well, (and many others, Adramelech,…)

I was in nature and felt spiritually guided from within to do the sign of the horns, which
somehow seem to give me a type of greater control/self-control over the forces in me - I am still
figuring out what is happening exactly - my mind also seems to be cleared and more centered.

I guess that the forces of the left had I aligned with, as aspects of the god-mind assume a specific
‘stance’. I feels self-empowering - it feels as if getting into a position of self-sovereignty, I would describe it as -
I also feel my crown chakra opening and aligning, and possibly my other chakras too.

I tried it all with my left hand, yet it seems to do something else when I do it with my right hand.

Would you know anything about it? What does it do for you with your left and right hands, if I may ask?

Thanks beforehand for anything you’d like to share about it. :slight_smile:

Kind regards; :slight_smile:


Okay, either I don’t recall clicking on this, or something took my mouse and clicked on it for me, because I went to do the dishes, came back, and saw this thread.

Back on topic, I always thought that the sign of the horns was just something you did at a heavy metal concert. But I just tried it, and realized that with my left hand, I feel my heart and crown chakra aligning and charging, whereas with my right hand, I feel them simply connecting. When I try it with both hands, both of those things happen and with greater intensity.

From what I’ve been reading, the sign is used by Gautama Buddha for overcoming obstacles (ex. sickness, negative thoughts etc.) and is called the “Karana Mudra”, so maybe it has something to do with that?


this comes to mind



Interesting analogy!

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I thought of the sign of the horns, and the fingers reminded me of antennae, which reminded me of power lines, which brought an image of those big supporting power structures to my mind. :slight_smile:

It seemed fitting.


It also lines up with @Hermes’ post (pun not intended).


I thought so too.

Granting him more control over the flow of energy, and more energy passing through… powering up his chakras :smiley:


I’ve always thought of my right hand as the hand that gives or sends out energy, and my left hand as the hand that receives or takes in energy.

This also makes me think of the Meridian pathways in the body when it comes to traditional Chinese medicine (accupuncture, accupressure, etc.)

and this guy <3


I felt that too as a child, later on I found out through study there is a reason. Your right hand is positively charged (energy outwards) and your left hand is negatively charged (energy inwards). The mudras modify the specific tones of the energy flow as hands playing a flute.


Hi guys, really amazing amazing feedback so far, thanks a bunch! :smiley:
Superb really! :smiley:

& Yes I felt so too indeed, left hand taking, right hand giving! :slight_smile: :wink: