Sign of Santa Muerte?

Today I was walking to my car at a parking garage and I walked past a car where and old lady packed her groceries into the car (she was not from my country, can tell by the license plate of her car) and I heard her saying my name , I mean obviously she does not know that or anything in my languange or me or anything she was alone no one next to her or in her car. She does not even looked at me or so. I speak the language where she comed from so I would understand what she would said but i heard my name.

I immediately thought about Santa Muerte.

I did an evocation for her last night.

Do you think it’s a sign?


Yes. That sounds like what she usually does. If you’re going to work with her, you’ll get a lot of such activity around. She knows how to get your attention.


That is really interesting as for a few days I have felt the need to find out more about her. I watched a documentary about her and it piqued my interest then and it never fully faded away.I do think that it is a sign in your case and you should pursue that and see what comes of it.

Well I’m planning to do a 9 day prayer to her darker self. But I asked her without any specific target of any of her selfs so I don’t know if I should continue with that or with the specific self of her.

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I believe the best is to continue with the specific aspect/self that corresponds with your need.