Hi I was just wandering would printing the sigils be okay?


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You can, but you may get better results by taking pen or pencil to paper.

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thanks but I don’t have any drawing skills.

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I here you, lol. I can hardly draw a stick figure. You could print one out and trace over it. When you actually go through the physical action of forming the sigil with your own hands it impresses your subconscious more, so more of a connection is made. This is true with personal sigils as well as with spirit sigils. It can also be a part of the immersion process for evocations, and it shows dedication to the spirit you are working with.

Honestly, if you have little drawing ability then the process of repeatedly correcting and perfecting a difficult sigil by hand will most likely add a great deal of power to your operation through virtue of “sweat equity”. Also, with sigils, intent is infinitely more important than perfection. One of the more inspiring manifestations I had came from a rite where the sigil I used was artistically hideous but created under intense circumstance.