Sigils, Runes, Mantras Chants ect tattoos ready to use

Hi all,
Haven’t been here in a long time. Not much has changed.
Been mastering the art of tattooing somewhat and was wondering what Sigils, Runes, Mantras Chants would be best to cover my body with. I have done some sigils on my legs and comes in very handy when meditating they are always in sight and makes it easier to keep focus on the intent and perpous. Or cartoon example, have a sigil/rune tattooed on the insides of my palms. The left death and destruction and the right healing and protection. Guiding energy through me into the sigils and outward to the point of Trajectory.

Sounds good - BUT a major commitment, but you know that, so nanny’s going to shut up. :o)

Angels or gods on your right side, demons on your left, stuff like that?

Got any photos of the ones you have yet?

The Left for Death or receiving (moon/Abyss) and the right for Life giving (Solar/matrix) is common dualistic concept. Everytime you exert dominance over chaos in order to maintain ordered form and manifestation (basically essence of practicing magick) you will find that it isnt as simple as Left and Right…but rather the SuperImposition of the Right onto the Left side…because the Left is chaos or the Unconscious Mind and unformed Source Waters of Unconscious Pre-creation.

So there is a cycle/feedback loop between the left and right. So you could use any rune to suit your taste…depends on what you want to portray. What I said was a combination but also like Jera/Year…because it represents the flow and cycle…much like say one would do a MicroCosmic orbit. I personally would choose runes that show diversity…and because of that I have my own Runes chosen, but Im not getting a tattoo of course =).

But my prior explanation the Left side is usually associated with Chaos (demons) and the Right side Order (Angels)…in Kabbalah Left would be Samael Lillith and Right would be the religious paradigm…but this division is due to peoples not even understanding the occult magickal significance of it…so they attribute Left to LHP and Right to RHP, and so Left then begins to have an entire Genre Lifestyle of Underworld Criminality, wheres Right Side the virtuous and Religious…that can be seen when you read such texts where the Left is depicted my the Magician Major Arcana, and the Right by The Fool (it is the Fool because he follows indky like religion, to rather trust his “Angel Guides.”)

So without further rambling on I was simply grumbling about how people have taken something so simple and turned it into a Big Fat Monster Mess. So if your gonna get tattoes make sure it is something that will sticm with you as your Occult Wisdom “might” evolve and ya dont wanna be disappointed…so you can choose specific Runes based off that alone…and if jts gonna be set in STONE, then that rune is how youd evolve. Lemme guess Runes:

Ing- good universal rune as it ties into other Runes like Gar, Odhel/Othala, Gebo/Peord, etc.

Othala/Odhel - a variant on Ing and shows establishment of roots.

Gar - a universal symbol for a number of things like the Spear of Destiny (naturallt dont choose this because that sounds cool)…Gar is essentially a cross bindrune of Gifu and Ing, which points to its Mythological Allegory of Ing and what Giefu(Gebo) might mean more…as well as relating to the meaning of What Odin did as this is his Rune.

Peord/Perthro - commonly known as a Rune for Luck, but it has many more mysterious meanings relating to the prior mentioned Runes and hence is much more mysterious than even Gar. On ONE other level it represents Sexual Alchemy…and ultimately in the more mysterious levels Alchemy altogethor. It is a Rune of The Matrix and so Fate, so could represent the entire Matrix structure of your Essence, body flesh and skeleton and magickal energy. It is a Rune of the Runes…hence it is The Matrix Rune.

So Im going to shut up about Runes because I feel I could ramble on forever. Want some ideas why not all of them? Choose a Rune Set you like…then create a CreativeDesigner Looking Rune Row m…like patterns around the Rows so its something you could consult. If your artistically inclined…you could do a Tree with Runes…or a Winged Dragon (it must be winged, because it represents both Top and Bottom of Tree) displaying Runes on its Back or Select scales…or you could even do something like the Tattoo if a Demon Howling Runic Encantations like Belial tormenting Christians by “waking them up” with Runic chants to the truth, or Belial calling upon Runic Chants to howl to strike Islamic Muslims with a Deathcurse like Runic Thunder and Lightning (ok just felt like being a little funny there).

^ Your best post by a long lengths there mate, IMO & fwiw etc., good and interesting ideas…

I agree about the left/right thing being over-simplified, Ida & Pingala swap sides and hello Caduceus, it’s not as simple as the newagers make it sound!

Thank you biosynth will look into your opinion to me. Hi my lady Eva been some time not done with the tattoos so I won’t send pictures just yet . Will send when I have both legs done. Right and left leg I have demonic characters trying to stay away from angelic characters will other forms to substitute for the non death and destruction side of things. May make use of Mepsitahl and micheal… still debating that one. But will definitely have some runes added… would it be to tacky if i have on my chest the same design that Nate and Alex had. Already made the stencil just don’t want to look like a copy-cat. Currently have Lucifer’s sigil above my knee the 9 prince’s of hell sigils down my right leg. Now working on getting all 72 goetia demons filling up the rest of my right leg (how they look not there sigils). Will have Azazel and loki on my rib cage. Want Lillith on my left shoulder and Kali on my right. Norwegian sigil of a warrior on the right side of my chest and destructive runes down my left arm and the opposite down my right arm. … Still will see other forms to add for more balance.

Well it’s going to link you forever to this site/business and the individuals involved, and it looks pretty hard to laser off being so dense, but if you’re cool with that because the meanings for you transcend any of that stuff, go for it!

I don’t think it looks tacky, it’s a really cool design (viewed JUST as a design) and also, by all accounts I’ve ever heard from man and spirit alike, very powerful as well.