Sigils question

So I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while now, is it possible to sigilize a person’s name and then link it to another sigil?

I can see it being very possible. Draw the person’s sigil on one piece of paper and the other you wish to link them to another. Activate both and lay the pieces of paper on top of each other, seeing the sigils fuse together. Then tie them together with cord or seal together with hot wax. Then dispose of it however you handle sigils in your practice

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I kind of made it something like that I created a sigil with my name charge it and activated it and then draw 2 more sigils on the back of the sigil charged them and visualized the energy of both sigils fusing with my personal sigil,also made another one and binded some tunes on the other sigil I will have em with me and see what happens

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Just passing by to make an update about the succesfulness of the linked sigils it worked as expected. Today I was in need of some money because I’m broke right now and out of nowhere a friend of mine told about an app that lends you money I’ve got the money I needed to finish the week, also another friend of mine called me telling me that he recommend me to a place where I can get a better job than the one I have , since the sigil I linked to my personal sigil were for prosperity and good luck i think it worked and I feel grateful I will keep em close to me and see where it takes me


Very nice, glad you got good results! :slight_smile:

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