Sigils on metals

Does anybody know or can decipher what these sigils means


That’s Druidic ogham my man. Each symbol represents a tree. And each tree has certain meanings and attributes. It’s the language of the Druids. I could tell you what each one is but then you wouldn’t get to have all the fun you’re about to have looking up each one. The way to translate it would be to find out which symbols are which then decipher each letter corresponding to the symbol and then get yourself a Gailec dictionary and string the letters together and find the word. Good luck and happy hunting my friend! Cheers!
P. S. It’s a verticle language so go top to bottom on the right then top to bottom on the left.


Thanks behind this I have another mark which is very weird could you help in that too … Please

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It’s the same language just laid out differently

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So how should I read it.
Should I be wearing it …
I feel myself very attracted and connected to it

@adel_hameed Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

This is what I came up with guide me better if I’m wrong ??

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