Sigils, Offerings and Demons

I got a few questions:
Can you use 1 sigil multiple times?

Do you always have to make an offering?

What are respectable other offerings that
aren’t blood?

Do effects of the request vanish after sigil is destroyed burned?

Can you evoke demons just for the sake of it to just communicate with them in terms of having a conversation over requesting something?

And lastly what does it mean to have a pact with an entity, how is it done and what’s a pact overall?

Ps. Hope I’m not a pain in the ass with all these questions, and I am the yhm whopsie.

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Food and drink.



A pact is a legally binding agreement between you and an entity, usually for a long term goal. To see how it is done, read EA’s Book of Azazel (or listen to it for free in audio format on YouTube).


How would you offer a food or drink to entity, also aren’t there anymore offerings ?

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You would offer it the same way you would offer blood.

“King Paimon, i offer you this milk chocolate as a sign of my respect to you. Please, take of it as you will.”

Mighty Belial, I offer you this whiskey as an offering of thanks and my deepest respect."

Then, you leave them on your altar for at least 24 hrs and the spirits will take of them as they like.

Or sometimes, as others have described on the forum, the spirit may ask to taste the offering through you, so you would make the offering and then drink the liquor. When spirits take of their offerings, the taste of them actually changes.

If you want to know what offerings to make, the best thing to do is ASK the entity what it likes. I know King Paimon likes chocolate and Mountain Dew. Belial likes good whiskey.

Sometimes, the spirit may ask you to give public thanks to it as an offering, to spread it’s name so others will call upon it. That is the purpose of our Thanking Spirits thread here on the forum.


The energy of orgasm always works well and in my less than humble opinion far better than animal sacrifice, but what would I know?



Yes you can use the same. Lucifers is framed on his altar.

You don’t have to give offerings always but you’ll go further. Do you invite a friend over and not offer a drink? I’m Sicilian, you leave fed and clothed.

You can write a poem, draw a picture, food drink etc. Your OWN blood, a drop if you wish. Orgasmic energy, semen or menstrual blood. But these I’d use only if you’ve built a relationship with them . I don’t agree with animal sacrifice period . It doesn’t balance imo- taking a life not my own and I’ll feel like shit forever for it. Nope, sorry.

As long as your intention burning the sigil is to release it to the entity you’re fine. If you’re burning with the intention to destroy that’s different .

You don’t need to evoke to have conversations. Once you make a relationship it’ll be telepathic communication for the most part.

A pact is a long term agreement for a goal. You don’t need one for most things.


if you work with a demon can you chat to them about themselves? example: whatcha doin? like general convos us humans have? or does it have to be strictly assistance and offerings?

will most demons want offerings 24/7 like deities? correct if wrong.

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