Sigils of Intent

So I’m trying to learn to make these sigils from
My question is what is the numbers I come up with doesn’t form a square?
My numbers are 1,7,9,2,3,6,4,5.
Should I resuse a number? Or take one away?
Can the numbers be repeated?

Anybody there?

In magic squares the numbers are usually not repeated.

The numbers that came up multiple times I only used once

You doing sigils, magick squares or Sudoku?

I’ll have to check out that site but I’ve never heard of making your own square using numbers…

Majick squares that can also be created into a sigil.There’s a chart that associations a letter with 2-3 numbers there you write.your intent,beginning with the first letter you match the letter with the number.When you have your numbers you have to do the math to make each line equal the same number.
You then start with the lowest number and trace to the next highest number untill you get your sigil.The first number has a circle drawn at the beginning of the line and the last number has a small line drawn across the tip.

Your intent also has something to do with the number of the planets/spheres.
That’s how you figure out how many boxes go in each row,and how many rows you have

Maybe my problem was using the wrong planet/sphere.

Maybe you are looking to hard. You seem to be troubling yourself with things that are trivial at this point in your development. Master the basics, worry about the rest later.

You’re right about learning the basics but since I’m starting to get pretty good with sigil majick I wanted to learn how to make my own.

Plus I wanted to try to bypass the step of calling on an entity,and see if pushing my intent into the world is as effective as the spirits.
I’m basically conducting an experiment.

This is a good site to learn and build upon in regards to sigils and other techniques. Pushing your will and intention is a very powerful way to operate, in regards to being as or more powerful than spirits, only you can be the judge of that. There are as many different answers as there are magicians.

[quote=“Musta_Krackish, post:8, topic:2288”]You’re right about learning the basics but since I’m starting to get pretty good with sigil majick I wanted to learn how to make my own.

Plus I wanted to try to bypass the step of calling on an entity,and see if pushing my intent into the world is as effective as the spirits.
I’m basically conducting an experiment.[/quote]

Have you been doing the structuring exercises?

I’ve been practicing this for the past few months and getting some nice results. It takes a while to get the hang of, but if you practice it multiple times a day it will start to become second nature.

You don’t need to call any spirit to do it, just project your will into the world, and imagine it done.

I also like to use E.A.'s third eye ritual, vibrating either ‘Ohhhm’ or a Godname such as IHVH, projecting my will into the world from the 3rd eye.

Both are very powerful exercises without the aid of spirits, utilizing your own energy field and broadcasting it to the world.

Structuring has been my biggest problem.
I contacted Gabriel yesterday and I was seeing a bunch of aura/energy in the incense smoke.
I asked him about structuring and he said to push and control the aura I was seeing into a structure.
He advised me to also practice energy work several times a day.
I’ve been creating my own energy exercises and seeing how they work out.

I’ll post any results from these exercises if I find them useful.

Making your own sigils is easy, and yet it is also extremely powerful. It’s the first magick thing I have ever did, and it is still producing results to this day. It has helped me master the ability to sense, circulate, store, and manipulate energy without making a single conscious effort to practice these skills. Along with this, it has helped me develop a natural awareness of entering altered states of consciousness, again without practice.

The thing about it is that you gotta kinda get lost in the creation of the sigil. I’m not really talking about doing some high-ring ritual, in fact I feel that making it too serious will kill it. Rather, you can benefit from completely immersing yourself in the creation of the sigil, and it helps if it’s really fun to do. When I created my sigils, it took about 5 hours to do, but I completely lost track of time because I was just getting shit done, and it was literally like crafting a sculpture or creating something that was going to have real merit in reality. If you get that sense of satisfaction you gain from completing a great work like an excellently written paper, acing a test, layin’ it down in the bedroom, cookin’ some flame eats… you know you’ve done it well.

However, the main thing is that you find a method that works for you, and don’t be afraid of making some shit up. I got interested in sigil magick from reading Frater UDs Sigil Magick book, but I must say that his method of gnosis was just too damn convoluted for me. I was told to forget the shit, the sigils usually seemed to garner shit for one-liner goals, you might have to beat your dick raw… not good. Rather than putting the focus of creation in charging the sigil in gnosis, I focused on the whole process of creation, and by the time I was done, the sigil was alive.

I did it for creating an entity, who is still active today and has never once acted in a manner of betrayal. And it is very much alive and multifaceted, and having had contact with some pre-known entities, this entity is by far WAY more active, direct, expansive in personality, and helpful than those entities were. So if you allow it, sigil magick can take you places all on your own. It’s really about realizing that you are the sustainer and realizer of your power anyway, so while there are entities that can help, they really got nothing you can’t get on your own, with allies created and realized on your own (if you so wish, who says you need to create entities at all?). You just gotta let loose on it, I would put a method but I can honestly say there really isn’t a method I can tell you that won’t be one that is specifically created by myself, and honestly from my perspective of what works for me. You are already creating your own energy work, so this shouldn’t be too hard to do.

Great advice the1gza! How do you go about creating an entity with your created sigil? Do you just create a sigil of intent and give it a name? I’ve been wanting to learn about creating egregores/thoughtforms,but haven’t found any info on it.

Hmmm, I think I created a thread on this before when I was talking about Goetia Girls, but let me check real quick

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I honestly took for granted that the the sigil I was going to create was for an entity. I posted about this some tie ago in this thread I created specifically about summoning Succubi:

This thread was mainly about succubi in general, and talked about reversing our associations towards many pre-existing entities into succubi/incubi entity consorts. You can read why this might be useful if you wish, but the main thing about this thread is mainly the thing I pointed out about entity creation, for a self-realized entity. I say self-realized entity rather than self-created because for me, the entities I created have always existed. So I say self-realized to delineate rather than self-created, because folks tend to lock down the power they can release by believing that time actually matters with these types of entities, which it is not.

But to make the points in that thread more accessible, I just combined both having a visual symbol sigil and using the reduced letters from her intent statement as her name. So if you want a candy entity, you would have something like this:

I want candy

Get rid of repeating letters
I wt cdy

Get rid of the t and d because they got similar sounds

I w cy

Turn the w into an M because it will be easier to make a name with

I m cy


So you got her name from that, and you can use her name to rather generate a sigil on something a Rose Cross, or maybe a planetary square if you want her to harness the energy of a particular planetary sphere. So with MYCI, you might choose for her to be associated with the sun sphere because candy can represent wealth, or Venus because candy is often represented with loving things.

With entity creation, however, I always have extremely stacked intents. In other words, I create several layers when it comes to how this entity works within it’s particular field of power. I’ll PM you an example with my entity KLUSHTINA (which you a free to use, I don’t have no real fear when it comes to her working with other peope) so that you get an idea of what I mean. As I state in that thread, creating that stacked intent and the process of creating the sigil from those stacked intents is really something that takes care of gnosis, charging, and all that jazz in one feel swoop. You can still charge when it is done for further effect, and I would recommend it. But you should tangibly be able to notice that something was born when you finish.

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Thanks bro! I’m gonna give this a shot tonight!

Looking forward to your PM!