Sigils and symbols

Looking for list of demon sigils and symbols for sigil magic. I want to learn more about it.

Can this be used to open your spiritual sight and those kind of abilities?

Here’s an article with the Goetic sigils and demons:

These are the Dukante sigils:

Meditation, and chakra/energy work are better for that. I’m not saying practicing opening sigils won’t work, it might, but there are better ways.

As far as sigils for sigil magick, you make your own. Here’s a good article:

i thank you for the websites. very helping to me. i am new to the blacks magic and not sure what to start in. i been doing the wiccas for 3 years but want to try something dark. this links will be of many help to get started.

Along this same line of sigils and symbols, has anyone put together a searchable database for demons and angels? This would be good for anyone looking for a particular attribute. For example, a search for money would list Clauneck, but might link to others like Purson with the ability to make something from nothing.

Sigils are ultimately only powerful on a more personal level, as a sigilnis how one intimately connects with a spirit. Yeah you can use other sorcerors sigils to connect to spirits as training wheels, but ultimately when you really start to get serious and deeper into it you will craft your own Sigil Gateways.

Try this:

Try this:[/quote] happy yule to me. best present ever. thank you.

Thank you Biosynth, you are correct in that sigils are personal and your relationship with that spirit even more so. I have found that most spirits prefer to specialize in specific areas, or are at least stronger in some areas than others. I guess that I am more interested in the attributes of the particular spirit and use the sigil as a “door bell”.

Thanks Lady Eva for the link, It did not come up in my search, that will be very helpful!