Sigils and psyche

Hi everybody,
Is it possible that sigils open some part of brain?

More like sigils allow the mind to drive the focus into the subconscious, allowing space for the mind to consciously move on to other thoughts. But thats just my take on it

I agree that sigils are more along the lines of planting into the subconscious rather than opening a part of the mind. It’s typical from my experience that the magic happens when you have completely forgotten that you have done the sigil (rising up from the subconscious) and there is the odd effect that after firing off how the whole process seems like a vague dream, as if you were not all entirely present when it happened

Are we talking about A. O. Spare sigils you personally create and fire off, demonic sigils that are the seal of the being, and can be opened or worn - or both? :slight_smile:

I was writing about AOS sigils. The only difference I find from spirit sigils is there is no need to forget the goal :blush:

Thanks for your Kind reply.
I’m talking about Demon Sigil or Entity sigil.
Are they a keys to open a door in my subconscious or my brain?
Thanks a lot.

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My understanding is that it helps shift your focus to a specific spirit’s aura, allowing you to easily get its attention and or evoke it.

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