I am currently trying to contact Lucifer via sigil. Haven’t gotten to him yet, but not giving up. My question is do I contact any entity like this? For example, if I wanted to contact Azazel or Belial would all I need is their sigil, chant their enn and my desire? I question this because I read that sometimes one needs to have a ring on or hat, and to face a certain direction. Is this really necessary? Thanks


I find that a huge, floppy hat works really well.


You can use sigils, sure. Enn, sure. Azazel tends to pop in very easily.
As far as rings, wizard hats, wands, and so on…they are all psychological crutches. They’re optional. Depends how confident you are.


Sometimes “setting the stage” and “dressing the part” can be a big help to people. It creates a distinction in the mind between our mundane every day activities, and the working that we are doing. Setting it apart to get into the appropriate state of mind, like flipping a switch. The making of the sacred, if you will.
With time and progress on one’s path the two will meld and we realize that everything is sacred, but dress up is still fun sometimes :upside_down_face: .

I agree, unnecessary, but certainly can be helpful.


Which sigil is the correct one for Azazel. I found one that resembles the Saturn one, but people have said that is not the correct one. Can you send me the correct one if that one isn’t true? Thanks

Give this a look


The Saturn one can be used. So can this: