Sigil to connect to a realm

Hi guys,
I want to know if I can make a sigil to connect to a realm that I kinda recognize is okay to make one?

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That’s a very interesting concept I never thought of it or even thought it could be done. Please keep me (us) updated.

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Yes, you could do so.

The squares in Kingdoms of Flames connect to the individual kingdoms, and each of the tatvas open into the elemental realms, so it is certainly possible.

My advice would be to channel the energies of the realm in question and then use it to design the sigil, allowing the energy itself to create it.

That is what Jason Miller did with his planetary seals. He invoked the element and then sent the energies to his artist friend who then allowed the planetary energies to provide the vision for him to draw. Each seal is a nexion for the specific planetary force.


If you have the energy signature of the ambient energy to put into the sigil than you’re basically tying that sigil to that realm by using the ambient energy of it.