Sigil Tattoo

Just recently got this sigil tattoo and I recommend it for all serious practitioners. I usually practice astrally these days due to situation and circumstances.
I was enlightened and illuminated like never before…during the tattoo and after the process noticed my ability to feel frequencies increase.
These days Lucifuge speaks to me directly. Not to sound to arm chair lol but it’s like the venom movie these days.
Focus. Ignite the black flame. Enjoy this physical manifestation and evolve.


Lucifuge? You mean Lucifer ?


I meant exactly what I typed… I UNDERSTAND THIS IS LUCIFERS sigil. Please keep the condescending arm chair practitioner activity and comments to another post/topic.

Excuse my earlier hostilities…I appreciate your comment because its seems I failed to explain it correctly in the first Post. I was posting basically that since I have acquired my sigil workings in every element of LHP have gotten alot more cohesive. I should of explained that a little better but reading my wacky writing I feel you
I apologize though with honor.

Very nice ink.

I look forward to seeing what happens as you go forth

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Greetings…thanks for the compliment. I choose his sigil of course for specific reasons and will probably get 2 more in other areas.
It’s nice to see the Black Flames reflection in this forum and on these posts.

I want to get my personal sigil tattooed on my left breast, then the rest will be all my heritages from Scandinavian, Ireland, Bantu, Egyptian (already have the eye of ra with the ankh), to Portuguese ancestry and each one I think I want to empower with ties to my ancestors and basically make them sigils to empower my body with such.

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I recommend that you do.