Sigil Skrying the Goetia - Orobas

Good Morning all on this fine rainy day where I am and congrats going to EA and Tim for the grand day of the Mastering Evocation Course, may it bring them all their desires unto fruition.

This is my third exploration into the Goetia through what some may call Astral Evocation or the term I think is more apt “Remote Viewing the Spirits”.

As always I did my research online and with some light book reading on my end. The question that came to mind earlier yesterday was why would most magicians threaten and curse these entities unto submission?. It still confuses me but one answer may be the profound need for most individuals to control some aspect of their lives. Humans have a great knack for wanting total domination and have their persona thrusted at the unweary prey like a bad political campaign billboard slamming against the victims head. It seems to bring them joy or at least some temporary leashed control over the unwilling subject.

It appears that our egos get in the way of our true ascent. During my two year stay in Chicago I met a woman who was quite the dominatrix and control freak, at least on the west end of the city. As always, I wanted to experience this first hand and so I learned some very hard facts about letting go of the ego(breaking down my will as EA might put it concerning possession) and having another person take the reins and “teach me a lesson”.

I learned much about myself. I discovered that I would need several years of discipline to master the art of submission (from the dom/domme aspect) and so I am not the best candidate for this position. But what I did learn was to let go of fear and have another take charge of my issue/situation and so this is where the Goetia would come in.

I needed to find an entity that would fulfill a specific task that has been corrupting my life for many years. Although i will not, for personal reasons, reveal what that is, I will say that the Goetic “Demon” Orobas has enough influence to bend my reality through his will. His specs are impressive as listed on the Goetia and for years I wanted to evoke him and have him as one of my allies.

The task for him would be to procure dignities unto me as well as certain prelatures(an office normally held by clergy but this could also be interpreted as “ascent”/ “corporate ladder/etc). Unless for some strange unforeseen reason I would have to resort to curses and threats, I decided that I would instead take the route of making friends and allies. Makes no sense to threaten a guest that you have sought after (you need him more than he actually needs you). Threat’s are null and void.

My setup was the same as the previous sessions. Below you will see my altar (as per EE, exemption is the triangle design)

I used a black cloth, spirit sigil on paper, my tarot deck (used the two of swords as Orobas significator), Sage smudge stick (they last forever), one white candle and a small black candle. My journal with premade questions.

) Invoked Omnipotence exercise
) Stare at wall/ceiling (static rain)
) Sigil skrying
) calling out vocally the spirits name over and over(used his title as its only appropriate, in this case Prince Orobas)
) Mentally viewing the entity and making conscience contact
) ask questions
) license to depart

All of the above WITHOUT any formal ritual(s). This, I admit, is definitely not me but as i stated above, I have to let go and allow the teachings of another to guide me. Think outside the box.

As I gazed at the sigil it did take a little longer than usual for it to charge and light up, and as my voice grew firm with his name unto the air inside my temple I began to see with my peripheral vision that everything around me was going dark except for the sigil in my hand. The lines and shapes began to disappear/reappear, and then the glowing aura around it became very pronounced lifting itself off the paper.

The room felt incredibly heavy and thick. My heart began to race as if i was doing the hundred yard dash. My body heating up and I feared that something was about to collide on top of me from the ceiling. It was that heavy.

I kept my breathing as steady as I could possibly control. All of a sudden I saw what appeared to be the most humongous black stallion horse walking towards me. I saw its hooves and black shiny hair from its leg approach me quietly from behind.

) Would you show yourself to me within my mind?

From a dark void came galloping this huge Black Stallion whinnying harshly and stopping. Shaking its head at me while a low rumble came from its large nostrils. It then propped itself on his behind awaiting my questions.(NOTE: nothing at all like what most magicians have encountered and witnessed, not a donkey nor an ass…interesting)

He appeared to have his reins on but then they disappeared.

) By what other sigils are you know as?

He provided one to me

) what other abilities do you possess other than what is written in most grimoires?

“I have said this to many before you, the gift of prophecy, lifting up man to higher ground, Invisibility, transmutations,transmigrations
(NOTE: I felt as if he really wanted to run off somewhere, his energy was intense, bordering on anxiety attack)

)Issued my personal task

He agreed with specific timeframe

) What is the nature of familiars?, would you be able to provide me with one?
“Familiars employ my own power they will guide you through your daily life. Ask and ye shall receive.”

“Yes they will be by your side.”… (NOTE: the reason for obtaining familiars for myself would be to not only have “assistants” help me out in my life but also to help me absorb new occult material and help with magickal practices)

) would you consider yourself a demon?

“This is falsehood! I am not. Never believe what idol worshipers say”

What does your world appear as?

I envisioned a barren red desert landscape with a wind/sandstorm going at 500 mph. Nothing but vacant wasteland and some rocks. Barren

I thanked him and gave the license to depart.

He galloped back unto the dark void from where he came.

Performed a simple three card spread.

No threats,no curses, just two different entities having a small chat. This is my holistic approach to sigil skrying and working with any spirit. Respect them and they will unto you as well.

Although i really didn’t do the justice that orobas deserves here’s my rendition of what i saw within my mind last night. Used Live Brush and Corel painter along with Photoshop for finishing touches.


I just summoned Orobas a few days ago. His energy was very calm for me, actually. I gave him a task, he agreed, then I asked for a sign that he’s working on it. I received an unexpected one lol.

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hey Elison

The experience was unusual but felt it was a success. During my web searches I found that Orobas was one of those rebellious spirits who had a “street fight” with Archangel Michael. It is said that Michaels spear wound can still be seen on Orobas’ underbelly but I didn’t care for that.

All in all the energy I received was that of a spirit who has been evoked to death. A rebel with powerful influence upon this earth and anywhere else. After the session I did see astrally one of his servants in the room or perhaps it was just him.

I deliberately drew him without the reins for a reason.

What may have happened was that since I am actually performing some type of channeling instead of a physical evocation it may explain my physiological state at the moment. I am experimenting over here…I will PM you as i have other questions to ask you to compare notes.

As a side note, prior to my “evocation” I was walking my dog as usual in my neighborhood but for some reason I took a different path on the street. In the nighttime streetlight florescence I stumbled upon a life-size bronze statue of a standing horse which i never noticed before. The metal behemoth almost rusted as it stood there in a small garden. I took this as some type of sign.

Have you used any sort of protective circle in your sigil scrying rituals with the goetic spirits?

[quote=“S.V.E, post:3, topic:1436”]hey Elison

The experience was unusual but felt it was a success. During my web searches I found that Orobas was one of those rebellious spirits who had a “street fight” with Archangel Michael. It is said that Michaels spear wound can still be seen on Orobas’ underbelly but I didn’t care for that.[/quote]

This must be why I felt very uneasy and restless when I wanted to evoke Michael to physical appearance. I wanted to do it today, but my attempt has been “sabotaged”. I’ll do it again tomorrow.

Strangely, for such a spirit that’s been evoked often, I didn’t find too much evocation accounts about him on the internet.

I do channeling too, much often than evocation.

Next time, ask him for a sign that he’s working on the task you gave him. You’ll be surprised.

Oh, and I did the evocation of Orobas on the astral plane as well, but I wasn’t projected. It was some sort of physical evocation, but with no medium at all. As I gazed into the air before me, saying the conjuration “Orobas, come!”, I felt my eyes like they were being touched somehow. It’s the sensation I get when scrying. I also saw some white clouds floating in my room. When I finally managed to focalize my sight to the invisible thing that was standing before me, I felt his horse-head hanging between me and my laptop monitor. I was staying at my desk, facing the laptop. When I realized how close he was to my face, I got a little scared, but enthusiastic. Anyway, I gave him the task and licensed him to depart. All went well.

I’m currently working with Paralda, to develop my astral senses. I still can’t hear entities and I’m pissed. I’m sick of channeling, sometimes I’m not sure if I’m mentally masturbating or not.

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great question

the answer is a definitively NO

The reason being, why would I want to experience a distilled/concentrated and squeezed out version of a spirit when I can make complete pure contact?. In the past, all of my rituals including some planetary evocations involved every known preparation; LBRP, the Middle pillar ritual (this one was and still is my favorite as it energizes the chakra centers, magick and yoga meet together without bending my legs in a strange manner), Banishing ritual of the hexagram (this one always brings me closer to my HGA to the point of rapture), the supreme invoking ritual of the pentagram (in this rite you are “evoking” the elements and inviting them to come into the temple). etc…I have designed my own implements from scratch taking many months to improve. In other words, all the above is to not only immerse yourself within the paradigm of high magick but also to converse and transmute my higher self into a magickal being.

I have seen on youtube some magicians performing these same rites in a quick and “lets get this out of the way” manner and move to the evocation. For every rite I perfomr from the above, I take about one hour to complete since I carefully vibrate the names of god carefully and make sure i shake the very foundation of the universe. I am methodical in nature (almost compulsive/obsessive if you will) but thats just me. I am planning on video recording some of my rituals as i perform them, along with explanations and commentary, and perhaps even a sigil skrying session and/or evocation. Maybe place it on youtube for short time for the forum members to watch)

Building up the vortex through motion and momentum is draining especially in the above rites(for me at least), and ever since I found EA’s skrying technique I decided to become the real fool(tipping my hat to TWF ) that tarot card is probably the most important one to meditate on. taking risks is indeed the fool, and yes he who does not protect thee from the infernal noisesome breath of these “demons” will suffer the consequences. But I ask you, is there really a fine line between angels and demons?. For myself, these Goetic entities are spirits. I never judge anyone by their race or creed, but by who they really are. Likewise, I do not judge these “infernals” as evil and dangerous.

The danger I believe comes from the conjurer who forces these spirits into a triangle, or who’s psychology is not in accord with said being. If I were to call you and let you know I’m coming over to your house for dinner, just ionviting myself, you would be confused and perhaps pissed off when i show up at your door. On the other hand, If I begin a dialog with you over the phone, through email, etc, then you get an idea of who i really am.

Most magicians never want to get to know these beings but instead just want to evoke, get their share of the world, and off they go. At least buy these spirits a drink before the one-night stand.

Another way to view this is, why do you think EA is so successful with his evocations?. There are many reasons for this but one that sticks out in my mind is that he learned long ago that he had to ALIGN himself with these entities, make them HIS allies, his FRIENDS. Thats a powerful form of magick indeed, making friends, in the astral plane as well as the material malkuth.

Form an alliance, these entities are already there and have been there with or without you. I chose to make contact in this manner to introduce myself and not just do an evocation. Before I go and visit the kings of the goetia i better send out a letter of introduction yes?.

Would this form of magick that i am doing without a protective circle be dangerous, yes indeed. Although I wouldn’t recommend it to just anyone, I chose to take that risk. I chose to show my good faith in placing my life, my troubles,my issues, to these beings.

Will I use a protective circle in the future, sure. I am learning from EA’s EE and from the picture above you can see I have my altar, not to mention my sacred floor circle i just finished painting on fabric.

Networking these beings brings one closer to them, an understanding of who they really are as opposed to just give a command and if they disobey burn the sigil in the Hibachi. thats just not right, from a common sense point of view as well as a practical one. for me they are not demons, just my next door neighbors who i have not formally introduced myself to. I’ll make some cherry pie and walk over to them now.


S.V.E., again, very interesting and compelling accounts of your experiences. I haven’t worked with the spirits of the Goetia yet, but I align myself in much the same way in which you are viewing them.

I enjoy your accounts very much, thank you for contributing! I was also wondering about the magick circle, interesting to note that you haven’t been using one for these sigil skrying sessions. Have you noticed any detriment from that?

Are you doing the LBRP before-hand or just getting into the sync and getting down to business?