Sigil questions

  • I am doing a sort of pathworking to renovate my life as EA referred to it in one of his videos. It’s something I been wanting to do for a long time. Mapping out all my situations and my life through divination then making a sort of “wish list” listing all the entities that can help and or change whatever I received and learned through divination.

  • I started off with the first spirit. The angel from kingdom of flames degaal, so here comes my first question. I’ll have a multitude of sigils building up over time. Some permanent ones at least. If I for example have this angel’s sigil on a plaque of wood. And then down the road, a demon’s sigil on a plaque of wood, would the energies conflict making my atmosphere chaotic in life? If so I’m sure I can plan out who’s sigil I burn/bury or keep depending on what my intuition says or the spirit itself.

  • next question, I think it was EA that made a rule of thumb to not keep more then 3 sigils open at a time? Don’t quote me on that but I would imagine leaving 7 sigils open at the same time later throughout the months would be very hectic lol. But please if one could elaborate on this a little that would be amazing lol.

I ask this cause I’m pushed to keep all sigils but 1. So over time I’ll have 6 sigils on wood, stone. Metal. Whatever I decide when the time comes I guess. So my last question comes: how can I accomplish this safely if at all possible; without any chaotic downpour in my life. Or at least minimize it as greatly as possible while these spirits do their jobs.

Would just regular banishing and cleansings serve to maintain a clean atmosphere? Or is there something else I could do.

No. The energy of the angels of Kingdoms of Flame are not the same as those of the traditional archangels. They’re from a different realm, a realm that also includes demons, so there should be no conflict.

Yes, EA recommends only having no more than three seals open at a time, but I think that rule of thumb mainly applies to beginners, who might be overwhelmed by all the energies.

If you’re going to have more than three open at any one time, the key is to make sure that the energies are directed and are not just flowing into your life randomly. Chaotic upheaval can happen when the sigils have no purpose and the energies don’t know where to go.

Yes, though if the seals are open, you don’t want to banish the energies you are calling into your space.

So all in all:

By directing do you just mean giving proper intent to each one and I should have little to no issues?

And instead of banishing just do regular cleansing routinely?.

Yes. The energies need purpose. You don’t want to just let them flow with nothing to do. Without direction, they can stagnate and cause problems. This is why, when magicians have permanent seals or portals in their temples, they close them down when they are not actively using them.

You can banish, but just make sure your intention is only to banish unwanted energies, not all energies.

One last issue regarding sigils.

If you already made it in paper. Opened it, then later got pushed to transfer it to a more permanent format, would it be as simple as burning the paper sigil then re opening it on wood? The main wonder I have with that is would I have to repeat the same process from opening the paper sigil (seeing my result as a solid image ect), or would I just be able to essentially “tell degaal to move over and open this one on the wood”.

Yes, that would probably be the easiest way to do it.

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Let me rephrase my question I apologize. When opening it the first time using EA koettings sigil opening (how I always do it) being the energies are already being released.

When I then make the wooden version do I have to start from square 1 with the sigil opening technique?
close the paper one and repeat the same thing but for the wooden one?

  • the visualization and feeding emotion ect.

Or could one just contact the spirit since the first sigil was already opened. And basically tell it to “move over” to the wooden one.

Interesting occurrence. So obviously reading this all you see my confusion. Who to call for what and what to do with each sigil.

I like how Etli’osh from the book of azazel comes in and is like “why don’t I teach you so you can do it all yourself” so that’s what I’m doing now.

Making one plaque with his sigil to keep.

So this thread is no longer needed by me but perhaps someone can learn reading it. More or less thank you @DarkestKnight for your answers🙂