Sigil practice - what do you feel/think when you look at this sigil?

Hey, mates!

I am trying to work on the use of sigils.

Just started making some in my journal, today, that serve a single purpose, and can be used repeatedly in the case that I’d need them for a particular reason. From what I understand, sigils can be personal to whomever creates it.

As a bit of a trial, I was wondering if they could be proved effective if someone else were to interpret it? If it has the desired effect or not. What could you gather from it?

Now, I’ve seen people do this before on the internets, and figured I’d try it with you guys. Please have mercy on my smol soul…


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Taaaaaaake oooooonnn meeeeee!
Taaaaaaake mmeeeeee ooooonn!
Iiiiii’lllll beeeeee goooooonne!
Doo doo do do doooooooooooooo!

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This is beautiful…lol

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You know Ah Ha?

That’s the only song I know by that fella lol

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Me too.
I wonder if Todd in the Shadows will ever do a video on it lol not trying to derail I just had to share this song with you.
I freaking love it.

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Had done script sigils with success. This is my first sigil/talisman.