Sigil or Servitor?

Hello to all the learned members,
I am planning to make a sigil that will aid in my career but, I have many questions regarding it… Since, I’m new to Western Sorcery, I have researched about Sigil magick and found different ways to charge them. The theory behind it is to banish the sigil after charging it with the intent and completely forget it. Since I’m making the sigil to aid in my career, thus, it will always be there in my mind so… Forgetting is not a choice for me… As a result I fear that my sigil will not work.
I have also read that if you give your energy constantly to a specific sigil, it will not remain as a sigil but as a Servitor, which is like an entity used for long term work. However, it is said that the servitors also must be given an expiration date or after the intent is fulfilled… Otherwise there is a danger of it becoming an egregore…
I would like valuable inputs from the knowledgeable members of this forum to guide me… As to which is more useful for long term goals.
Thank you in advance ~

Yes, I agree that this is something you can’t just forget about, so that would (if it was me) make me want to create a servitor based on the sigil, you could also use the mantra method and have that mantra both summon the servitor and also, empower you with the intent behind it.

I have one like this I use for glamour magick, when I want to make a favourable impression on people in everyday life. Everything I’m posting in this reply is based on methods I’ve used reliably, over and over again, for more than two decades.

I wrote out the stages of the method I first used, as a child, to create purposed servitors, you can see me talk through the stages here.

At this stage, Place into them the INTENT “To serve, protect, and defend Jimmy (or whatever magickal/real name you think of yourself by) and to have no will but Mine.”

That will have the sigil, with you strongly focused on its purpose, as well in this case.

You can intend at the outset for your servitor to be a robotic, mindless being except for its purpose - all things tend towards wanting more life, so it’s kinder to build in these limitations at the very start, than destroy a now-living thing that wishes to flourish and grow, and explore its potential and universe.

That would be my apprach based on my ethics, and my friendship with some egregores who are fine and loveable personalities, hard-working living beings who deserve to express all the life they’re capable of living. It also prevents problems for the creator!!


Edit to add - if the “base copy” of the sigil is on a piece of paper, you can paste or insert that sigil into the lid of a box, like an A4 folder or a document box, and keep papers that are in play relating to the area where the servitor works, in that box - for example, store a job application in there brifely while roughing out the draft version, or keep copies of CVs (résumés), the paper on which you print them, and so on. Having a physical home base for the servitor where you can summon it to interact, recharge, and issue new programming is useful.

Have you ever heard of Fotamecus?

I started working with this spirit only two days ago, and he has some mad skills and is going to be an excellent ally to me. Time has always been my enemy, and to tame the beast is something that I think would be amazing to do.

The story of his creation is very much of a sigil turned servitor,and it’s a great story. I can see why they wanted to make a movie about it.

Yes, he and XaTuring are two of the breakthrough spirits who were consciously created and have gone on to become household names (well, households with pentagrams and sigils in them, anyway).

Love this stuff, it’s creative godlike magick and IMO very important.

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