Sigil or Servitor to boost Instagram and Tinder interactions?

Would it be a good option or there are other more suitable?
I was thinking about using an affermative statement like “i reply this story” or “i message you” and mix them with some relatable runes or symbols of venus or the black pullet.
To create a frankenstein sigil to post as photo or as watermark or even as main profile photo.
What do you think? Any suggestions?
What about also a servitor which feed on likes?

I’m new to this stuff so i’d like advice on how to best structure it.


I think this could be very effective. But I would make it very subtle.

Can you clarify what you mean?

This book could help you:

If you are looking for sex instead of love, try Mars or Pluto.

What you mean by subtle? And why?
Would you suggest a generical affermative statement or a more specifical?

You don’t really need a sigil for this most likely you are lacking in looks or professionalism you could also be lacking in how interesting you are.

Wear cool clothes
Pay a photographer for a photo shoot
Get a good haircut from the best barber in town
Have interesting things to say or be in interesting places.

Tinder is extremely shallow.
At least with Instagram you have more depth but it’s still pretty shallow.

That being said if you are blue check verified on Instagram you’ll likely get a lot more tinder matches.

Instagram is the best dating app but you need to be someone for it to work.

Maybe get a sigil to become more fit a set up a good profile.

My insta is a bit messy and i tried also to communicate some of my chaotic dark triad traits. But dunno.
I don’t feel enough coherent or satisfied, maybe my character is changing.

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If going down this route I would consider rephrasing your wording. For example if you could create a sigil based on an intent like “I am irresistible” or “I always receive replies”, then Photoshop it into your profile pic/picture/whatever as a nearly transparent layer, so it’s more subtle but is present in every picture you post on your profile.


Does it really make sense? I mean, those statements seem to me more for inner work and to interalize.
If it has to be something public and to affect those seeing it(better if specific targets, in my case women), shouldn’t it be more externalized? A statement like: “those women who look it will/have message me/messaged me” or “those who look it will be/iare aroused”?
I’m not sure if to use past or present either.

past tense or present tense can be interchangeable, it depends on how you word it. “I am irresistible” (present ongoing), or “everyone who saw this picture messaged me” (past).

Imagine being a normal person with no occult knowledge – you’re scrolling through someone’s photos and suddenly there’s a random sigil. It might not turn people away necessarily, but it might make them think “wtf?” before they can focus on it long enough for the message to sink in.

That’s why I would recommend overlaying it in your photos, or at most, adding it visibly to the corner of a photo or something. If you begin talking with someone, maybe you could tell them that you are an abstract artist, and just send them a copy of the sigil to see what they think (honestly though, again, it’s probably just going to make them think “wtf?” unless it’s a very pretty, stylised symbol in a specific art style). Alternatively, you could say that you’re trying to start a business and attempting to come up with a logo, and send them the sigil to ask for their feedback.

Plus – there is such a thing as passive charging, which is when people view your sigil and by trying to figure out what it means, they subconsciously charge it with energy.

So maybe your best bet is a combination of work. “Anyone who views this sigil is curious and aroused” or “anyone who views this sigil desires to speak with me more”. And a combination of the above: put it in the corner of your images. If you have to explain why, tell people it’s your watermark/copyright, or the logo for a business you’re starting, or something. Or, once you have established a connection with someone, ask what they think about abstract art, then try sending them an image of the sigil.

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With the classic sigil method, you are influencing the subconscious minds of those who see the sigil so something succinct like “i am irresistible to women” or “message me” would work better than something convoluted like “those who see my profile will be aroused.”

Depends on the intent but, since I assume you want this to be an ongoing effect, I would use the present tense. “I am” as opposed to “I will be.”

Chaos magicians have been embedding sigils into web pages since the internet first became a thing in the early 90’s so I’m sure if you google, you can find plenty of examples to help with your phrasing.


There’s no risk as maybe the one who sees it might feel “irresistible” himself? I mean it can boost the reader and not me.
Sorry i don’t understand very well how a statement about myself should be perceived by others.
I tought the classical sigilation method is “i’m irresistible” to be internalized and then after to destroy and forget the sigil.

This is where you try it and see if it works or not instead of repeatedly asking when you won’t understand it, no?

One day i’ll understand why so many triggered people here.

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I am not triggered mate, I am telling you to stop asking the same question over and over and just try what has been said. You sure you aren’t projecting?


If you are afraid that might be a possibility, then simply change the intent to something like “this profile is irresistible” instead. However, because you are creating the sigil for yourself, your subconscious already knows its purpose so there wouldn’t be any issue.

Also, don’t forget that there are many ways to create sigils, so you don’t necessarily need to embed a symbol in your profile. You can make the profile itself into a sigil by hiding your statement of intent within the words of your biography, for example.

@Caesar, this is what I was thinking too. You should just try it and consider it A/B testing. Try one method for a set amount of time, and note your results. Say six weeks, or two months. Then switch to the other method and see if you get more results from one method of the other. If you have better results from one method, then focus on that one, and see if you can expand on it somehow.


That’s beyond my actual level of comprehension.

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He’s saying code in the phrase into the bio

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I know i just said i don’t know how to do that.
By the way the sigil is complete and charged, i made it as profile picture yesterday.
Now let’s see what happens in the next 30 days.

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One month passed, i tried two different sigils made with different affirmation.
None of them worked, at least not on girls i find attractive.
One girl replied but was not my type and the conversation was really cold.
Also the target i’d like to impress just seem to have disappeared and is not seeing my ig stories anymore.