Sigil Opening Of Paralda

I woke up really early this morning after setting up a ritual alter (nothing elaborate) and cleaning the immediate area around it and the alter itself.Well after i woke up i don’t why but a thought came into my head saying “This is the most opportune time.” (not how i really think to myself).So i turned on the tv to see what it was and if i remember correctly it said 3:13 AM.I proceeded to my ritual space lit a candle,sat in my chair and summoned all Magical Powers.After a few minutes of this i got to the point where i could barely speak.I knew then that i was in a deep enough state to continue my ritual so i got up and with my finger drew a circle around my alter,sat back down and drew Paralda’s sigil and proceeded to gaze at it.Something weird started happening.I felt like someone tapped the sigil with their finger (my fan wasn’t on nor my a/c).Then my left arm felt like it was vibrating.After a few minutes of gazing at the sigil it looked like the paper was moving and then part of the sigil disappeared.

This happened a few times before i stopped so i could ground myself.Now here’s the trippy part.I turned on the tv but instead of seeing a show pop up all i saw was black and white snow on the tube.This should not have happened.The only way that could have happened is if i manually turned the tv channel on the tv and i didn’t.

I too experienced phenomenon when working with Paralda.

One day I was sitting in my living room chair and all the sudden my dog started barking at what appeared to be nothing in the dining room.

All the sudden the ceiling fan in my singing room turned on by itself producing air which Paralda is king of.

Then I for some reason felt the need to look under my recliner.
I found an open sigil of Paralda underneath it.
The thing is,I had just put the sigil up in my bedroom closet earlier that day.

It was his way of saying “Get your ass to the temple,I’m waiting on you.”

Spirits like Paralda take your advancement in majickal power as serious as you do if not more.

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Cool experience Fc2014. Blessed be.

Thanks Leviathan.
I planned on doing a full blown evocation right then and there but i don’t have the necessary things to do so (whatever that may be).Ugh i’m such a beginner.I’m still going to evoke him though but i know more likely than not he won’t physically appear before me.My only regret after making a ritual out of opening the sigil (or partially at least) is i forgot to write about it in my journal.
I don’t know if this is just me or Paralda since i didn’t evoke him or make my request known to yet,but i was meditating trying to develop my telepathic abilities so i can hear my spirit wife,succubus,jinn or whatnot (if you believe that’s even possible).I did enter a trance (the more i meditate the easier i enter it),and i felt my body (not my physical one) move for a split second then jerk back into my body.I don’t even know what to call it (etheric,spiritual,or astral body).This is the first time this has happened to me while i was in a meditative state.Anyways i did hear my spirit audibly.

So even though i haven’t evoked Paralda or made my request known and if it was him.Thanks Paralda.