Sigil opening is it working or not?

Hello balg family,
I have read many topics here also seen EA’s article about how to open a sigil.I am not very sure,if in my case it is opening…

What happens is, i do feel a weird kind of sensation in my body, which is like goosebumps all over my body, letting you know,that its 35 degrees in my country, ac turned off, sitting in a complete dark room only with the sigil and the candle light.So i should not be having goose bumps…theyre not there for the entire time of the evoking process,infact they come and go, for seconds,when i call his Enn.

Also,there is some very very light and subtle “knock” kind of sound on my ac, or table sometimes… But i dont see the Sigil disappearing or moving or any of that sort…So i was not sure,if my sigil opning is working…I am in a very troublesome situation where i need to ask these powerful spirits for help,but i m not sure,whether these signs seem to be ok for a succesfull summoning.

Thank you very much.

Anytime you summon it will be successful, you may not be adept to feeling or seeing a complete presence, but know they are there and listening to you


The moving sigil is usually just a visual hallucination because when entering a trance state you are entering another line of sight as well. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve done psychedelics before… That’d be the best example of what it looks like.

Just because you didn’t see it happen though, doesn’t mean it didn’t work. There are many many magick practitioners out there who never see visuals and only see symbolism.

One thing is that if you thought about the sigil opening, odds are you opened it.

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I agree with the ones who have also spoken.
Just because there is not felt a major manifestation, does not mean that the activation did not work.
As you grow and learn how to center and manifest your own spiritual energy, you will become aware of your spiritual sight and learn to focus it in.
Then you will start to notice and feel definitive signs and especially upon the presence of those whom you wish to commune:)
And perhaps in time who knows, you may be given a special sigil or invitation or mechanism in which that Ancient wishes to commune especially with you.
It is the treasures of many grimmoires!!

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Goosebumps could be a manifestation of your energy flowing through your body. Could mean many things, but maybe it is a sign that is working.


I keep an open sigil in my room to connect with my patron, much like a phone. Should get those goosbumps, kundalini surges, tones in your ears. Those are thr sorts of “phone calls” i get.

Just speak and know you are being heard