Sigil of Lucifuge Rofocale - The correct one

Hello Everyone,

If it is not too much to ask, Can I please have the correct Lucifuge’s Seal/Sigil? I have been researching for days, going through the forums, google, youtube, different sites, but there have been different sigils presented. This is very important that I get the correct one this time.

I would really appreciate the help and thank you in advance…Have a nice day ahead! :heart_eyes:

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don’t know which ones you seen. IS this one of them



Nothing quite like that, the ones i have seen are looking more of a complicated sigil to draw i think. They have more stems sprawling around and some are quite simple too simple. So I am really confused. I am getting a tattoo so I want to get the correct one.

@MidnightDeeva how did you find that sigil? do you think that is correct?

This is the one EA used in his work:


@DarkestKnight do you think this is the right one for a tattoo? I have seen this one too, and many others. there is an enn chanting on youtube for Lucifuge that has a different seal. There are ones in other website I have seen too but looking different. Should i go with this one?

I want to make a pact with him but a pact is different from an offering yeah? @DarkestKnight

Yes, a pact is considerably different from an offering. A pact is a binding agreement between the spirit and the magician, while an offering is just a gift you give.

Before you think of getting a tattoo, why not ask Lucifage Rofocale himself which symbol he prefers?

The seal that @MidnightDeeva posted is from the Dukate Hierarchy, which is considerably different from the more well know Solomon hierarchy.

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@DarkestKnight Thank you, I will evoke him tonight, I hope He will come to me in any signs or forms.


Personally, I like his “signature” from the Grand Grimoire:

It looks very similar to the traditional angelic signatures.


@DarkestKnight I like that one too, looks very classy and artsy but at the same time looking mysterious. Wish me luck for tonight. I wanna see him…I came to this decision as 2 nights ago I dreamed of his name “Lucifuge Rofocale” written in white but within a black space. It was just written

Lucifuge Rofocale

Just like that, plainly written, it was so clear I thought I was awake, and I really do not know why I have seen that as I was still looking for a deity really. But I have been researching around. But probably that was a sign that I should call on him.


I have read hundres of demon books and never see a lucifuge seal. Yes its a few, tru i have see, satan a lot. Did u try v. K. Jehanun. Page.? Or tipe in a foreign language. Maybe it show up. Or ask a friend from others countries. Tey may look for it.

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I have seen V.K. Jehhanum’s page and saw a seal in there too. That is why I am getting more confused. LR’s seal must be very hidden as it probably holds too much power. @zorrito I hope i will see him or at least talk to him to ask him what really his seal is.

I ask some guys in Europe, but i dnt tink tey find 1 either gime a week. , tru thanks to them i fond a satan seal which look like veve. Or brazilian magic seals. But tis seal is so original. Let say, at least 7 generations, but not tey not have lucifuge bcde tey not need him. But i ask around.

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all of of his sigils can work


You can create your own sigil.

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EA’s version or the bronze one shown above should work. Or try to come up wirh your own using the rose cross or the kamea squares.

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Yeah LR’s sigil is a bit confusing but thank you in advance @zorrito xxx

You can also use Enoch Petrucelly´s sigil of Lucifuge from The Black Witch (p199). It looks like a mix of knights shield, Egyptian symbolism and the demonic with some enns.

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@Emissary thank you, do you think I will be able to find it just on google search? O where can I find it? If it is not too much to ask , do you have a photo? Sorry for asking. Thank you