Sigil mistakes in book of azazel...fffuuuuuuckkk!

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I just got done watching Mr. Koetting’s interview with Mona Magick (who is as HOTT as The Infernal!!!), and EA mentioned that some of the sigils were NOT attributed to the correct Demons?

I’m sure that this was not EA’s intention, however, I’m fuckin’ pissed because of the money I spent on BOA, and kind of am disappointed in Nephilim. I’m a little cautious to want to spent any more of my money with them. Things such as these CAN be avoided. Yes, I understand that mistakes happen I’ve been active in commerce for 20yrs, but FUCK. I’ve never had this problem with Scarlet Imprint and some other publishers…whew! OK, I’m done ranting.

Does anyone know which sigils in BOA are FUCKED UP and NOT attributed to the proper Spirit?



Damn really? Bogus

There you go, all the discrepancies between the complete works and the individual books is pretty much covered here.

[quote=“E.A., post:6, topic:948”]The sigils of Khro’syas and Pentosch are as they should be in the Complete Works. If they are different in The Book of Azazel, that is because third and fourth parties were laying these out, whereas in the Complete Works it was completely my task. I noticed as I was going through the original MSS that some of these had been bungled in the version that was printed by Nephilim, so I fixed them.

However, if you evoked one being using the wrong sigil, yet it responded to its name, you likely got the spirit whose name you used. Spirits respond much more properly to their names then their sigils. In fact, sigils are a pretty new invention in the scheme of things - in most of history, all that was used were the names of the spirits.[/quote]

So there you go, not really a big deal, but easily remedied. :slight_smile:


I fucking KNEW I could count on my brothers & sisters on BALG!!!

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