Sigil Magik

Do you burn sigil before or after the task is done… I usually burn sigils right after i finish opening the sigil and expressing my intent onto it. But others times ive kept it with me in my wallet. Am i doing something wrong?


Which one have you noticed more effect with?

don’t really pay attention to it… tbh ive never really done anything to big where i would realize a change in my life. but im still learning so! :man_shrugging:

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That would be my advice then, try it both ways and see what works best. There’s differing schools of thought in regards to sigil magic, so you’re likely to get folks saying burn it to release the spell/energy and others saying to wait until after manifestation.


yes this is true and why i finally decided to ask… But thank you i will pay more attention to which methods work best! :blush:

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There is also a school of thought which says you don’t destroy the sigil at all. I have kept some of mine, it all depends on your intent. If it’s a quick fire-and-forget ritual you might want to burn it straight away, for other operations you might want to keep it active longer. I have one that is 30 years old and is still going strong. Just see what works best for you, and good luck.


really i never thought of it that way @latakiahaze

I burn and forget mine. I should probably try keeping them and compare the results :thinking:

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It depends what the action means to you…Everything is symbolic. If it doesn’t mean anything then you can do anything with it. Personally I burn them, most of the time.

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If it is a spirit sigil/seal, I burn it only after the result has come in. If it is a Spare style Chaos type sigil, I destroy it as soon as it is fired so it is easier to forget.

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Alternatively, write sigil with lipstick on a mirror you regularly use (i.e., bathroom mirror). And know what the sigil is for. When you no longer consciously notice the sigil it’ll start working.



i usually burn them because i see it as releasing the essence of it out into the world @PrinceX

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I recently PM’d you. I would like you to take a look please. :slight_smile: