Sigil Magick

When it comes to using demon’s sigils, I plan on charging it through masturbation and envisioning what I want while doing it, but my question is do I have to put my semen on the sigil or not?

My prophet, Aleister Crowley, would tell you “YEEES, DO IT!”, but it really depends on whether it makes sense to you or not. I mean, Asenath Mason explains that things like using blood in magick only work for people who have the brain reaction when they see blood, thus it may not work for a surgeon who sees blood all the time. It depends on whether the semen over the sigil means something to you or not

So the whole sigil thing can work out even if I don’t put any semen on it? @MagusOfGamaliel

Yes, but it also can fail whether you put the semen or not, welcome to sigil magick! :smiley:

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How could it possibly fail? @MagusOfGamaliel

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Welcome to the real world. Sometimes, in the real world, people and animals attempt to do activities and fail. Magick is just another activity, much like cooking, so, despite the fact that in theory you need to get rid of any thoughts about your sigil possibly not working, even if you have all the faith of the universe, it may fail, just like any other thing that humans or animals do, and if you are not okay with that, any kind of learning process will be really painful, which happens very often to young people nowadays

Yes, however, there are no must-haves, the method of charging and activation is up to each individual. For charging and activating your sigil pick a method that affirms you’re desire/intent of the sigil. For example, if your desire is that of a hex then charging it with blood might be an option, by placing your blood on the sigil, gives it extra power.

if your performing a ritual for love magic semen could enhance the magic and your casting because it increases your focus and intent.

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