Sigil magick (Uses and limitations) questions?

Okay so I know (from experience) that sigil magick has ALOT of uses, but I’m wondering what it’s limitations are in terms of it’s uses. In terms of what can a sigil be used for and what CAN’T a sigil be used for.

I know you can use a sigil to communicate with beings/demons, to put your intent out to manifest/attract things through your intent – but what are the limitations here? How does sigil magick compare to other ways of manifesting your intent? I heard from some sources that sigil magick is similar to servitors/thoughtforms.

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sigil magick has no limitations past the ones you yourself put on them
If you say" this is to much it wont work" then it wont work
if you say “this is just perfect it will work” then it will fucking work
Sigil magick is all about energy and intention
So if you even think about any limits you’re blocking the manifestation


Personally I believe its like a tool. Imagine a stick. A regular wooden off the tree stick. This stick has so many uses that its impossible to define them all. A stick should be a handle for multiple tools. A weapon. A lever. An object to draw in the sand.

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I think a sigil is a symbol that connects to your subconscious which communicates in the language of symbols and feelings rather than words

I don’t think there’s a limit

Look at logos… on brands. That’s a sigil. And very effective too… how many of us see a golden M arch and don’t think of fast food?

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