Sigil magick questions

Since I am reading on this forum I have interest in sigil magick. About which I would like to know some points.

  • Is sigil magick effective and safe for a beginner like me?(when I say ‘safe’ I mean that your life won´t be shaked by negative not disruptive not unpleasant effects)

-According what I have read(let me know if it i exact what I say), there are classic planetary sigils, and also you can design new ones using or classic planetary squares or new letter squares. Also, among old sigils there are Intelligences, Daemons and Spirits. Are all of them similarly effective. So, what to choose, for any given purpose, for example wealth?

  • Are these Daemons the same demons of magick?

  • How effective is sigil magick?

  • Is there on this forum any tutorial for learning all aspects of this subject? Thank you

Some alternatives:
-Using tarot cards
-Using letters from alphabets considered magical, like the Hebrew ones and the Futhark and Armanen runes. There is also English Qabalah, with values and meanings for our regular letters

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Thanks for your answer. Do you mean using tarot cards for meditating for such purpose, and on the other hand, creating a new, original sigil using , freely, some other characters?

@MagusOfGamaliel can you give more details about tarot cards?
I used many sigils but not a tarot card how does it wok

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You can use tarot cards as sigils by activating them like if they were sigils, my only advice is not to burn them nor destroy them in any way, because if you cleanse them they can still be used for other purposes later

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Here is some stuff to help:

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Thanks for your help. I m using RHP, and I would like first to try sigil or talismanic magic(not sure which the best)for manifesting wealth and money. And if it works, I would try other goals.
So I will be very grateful to all information and help.

By the way, what is the difference, in terms of power, effectiveness, between newly personal created sigils and planetary sigils?

I believe in general that sigil magick belongs to the chaos system but the broadness of it is like an umbrella.

There are sigils that are designed to siphon energy of others, given deceit that this sigil was designed for everyone else to use at their disposal — the practitioner can use it just like a lightning rod where all energy charged into that sigil goes to the rod (the power of the magician).

So be weary of any dodgy sigils online or some books that may have them. I don’t know how to differentiate trap sigils from others until it’s been opened or it’s been told. But some you can glance at and can depict that there is a particularly energy you shouldn’t open.

So with the chaos system, it’s flexible and can be designed to your creativity and wants - so you can design your sigil with the intent for removing obstacles and exert your own energy into it so that it is charged.

People burn the sigil, believing once it’s been charged with energy and intent to be released into the aether as it was once or to have them simply lying around with the belief of forgetting about it. How can you forget something you’re trying to forget? Maybe less attention…

To one’s higher self, or to the Godhead. The interpretations offered by sigils are always subjective by experience, and they offer a gate to transcendent awareness and beings. But they are not the transcendent consciousness, but merely the pointers to that state.

Many other magical and mystical tools can point the user to these higher states of consciousness.

Talismanic magick I have extremely little knowledge of, but it is powerful and from how I was taught talismanic magick should always go by what works best for you so if you lack drive you’d want to work with the metal iron with Mars exalted on Tuesday for example… and so speaking of the planets…

For planetary purposes, their sigils are used in conjunction with what’s often seen in the Thelemic tradition; the rituals of the Hexagram provide a means of engaging with planetary Magick. They can be used to invoke or banish the planets, either singly or in concert. To do this, particular planets are assigned to the points of the Hexagram, exactly as with the elements and the Pentagram. The correspondences are based upon placing the Hexagram upon the Tree of Life, which aligns a Sephirah and its associated planet to each point.

There are two exceptions. The Sun in Tiphareth goes at the geometrical center of the Hexagram, and Saturn in Binah goes at the topmost point standing in for the unity of all three Supernals.


That’s awesome. I will give it a try .
I will activate one for abundance which one would you recommend of pentacles :blush:

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Are you familiar with the Thoth deck?

Yep pretty much.

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Usually the disks card that is asociated with economic abundance, like abundance of money, is the 10 of disks. Other cards of the suit could be used, but they have slightly different connotations, for example the Prince of Disks, the 6 of Disks and in some cases, the 9 and 4 of disks, or even the ace. Find the one that makes more sense to you for your specific goal. Among the major arcana, the atu II is also of abundance because of the letter Gimel. Atu IX and X could also be used, because one is of Virgo and the other one is of Jupiter

Hello Hassenn,

I have worked a lot with Sigils, and like anything else, the more you work with it, the better you becomeand you will find your own style that works best for you.

As for safe? “Negative” is a perspective. You may create a sigil for a specific goal or desire, and lets say for the purpose of this example, that your significant other leaves you as one of the effects. You may see this as a negative, being all heartbroken and emotionally devastated for some time. Now fast forward several months when your desired goal is met and becomes reality, and suddenly you realize had you remained with your significant other, this would have held you back from achievement. Is it still a negative? Does this make sense? Am I helping any?

See, the thing here is that FEAR of anything, while it can be healthy and protective in some instances, “Fear” most of the time, is an obstacle which is most often responsible for holding us back from our greatest potential. Sometime you need to just let go and commit 100%. This you will find increases your ability to succeed in all your practices.

Kind regards.

In order not to charge a card, could be a picture or printing of the card?

Yes, but the card has the plus that it is well printed and it’s easy to hold in your hand or to place it where you can see it, and also it may feel more “right” to you

Hello Jinxxie

Yes, I understand what you say. You mean that sometimes, something harsh and disruptive occurs in your life, but as time goes, in future, you realize that these apparent misfortune only was the seed which made possible a great good in your life. Did you mean that?

however, as I am still a novice, a beginner, I am not yet ready for these shocks, so I prefer, at least for my beginnings, for my first steps in Magick, to have calm and quiet experiences. At least, I say, until I develop more magickal wisdom and self control.

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