Sigil Identification

I’m embarrassed to ask my BALG family because I should probably know this. Obviously I don’t.

I recently purchased a Marax sigil on Etsy from a wonderful Canadian artist. As a bonus she included a different one. I think it’s a sigil but could be wrong. Can you tell me what it is. Please try not to embarrass me too badly.


Well, I just went though each page of Gordon Winterfields Demons of Magick and couldn’t find anything that resembled this sigil. I hope someone comes along for you.

Anyway you could reach out to the Canadian and ask.

Cool gem placement :sunglasses:

Oooo…that looks so familiar but I just can’t place it…

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The lady does very nice work. Thanks for trying.

I agree. I know I’ve seen it or something like it, but can’t remember where. It’s the Jewish letters (I think that’s what they are) that look so familiar to me. Thanks for looking at it.

Sorry, just saw the last part. I did email her last week but she is not responding. The emails go through Etsy’s server so who knows if/when she got it. She didn’t communicate with me much after the sale either. Busy I guess.

Try to send hear an email over he official site of the artist

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Excellent! I didn’t even know she had an official site. Thank you!

I’m bummed! I did send an email through the website’s automated system but there was not a way to upload a photo to let him (Arcana is a guy it turns out) see the pendant. I also didn’t see it on his site. I still asked the question and hope that I’ll hear back.

Great news! I did finally hear back from the artisan about the sigil. It is for Mitzrael. Now I know.