Sigil For Spirit Communication, Clairaudience, Opening Third Eye

I have placed this particular sigil in the Chakra section because in order to activate this sigil one must have meditated on the 7 of the chakras.

This sigil will activate, trigger, amplify, etc., whatever needs to be put into place for you to communicate better with the spirit world.

Symbols used

  1. Eye representing the Third Eye
  2. Two ears representing hearing and clairaudience
  3. Triangle representing the numerology of the number 3 and resonates with communication.
  4. Mercury, the planet of communication.
  5. Three pentagrams representing the 5 elements and operating as portals to the spirit world.

Happy chatting!


I really like the thought you put into your sigils


Thank you!

Interesting, so in order to use it one must meditate upon our chakras and then meditate upon the sigil?

Yes, that is correct.

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Is there any specific color i can add, corespond to each sensory, i mean like purple/indigo for the eye. Something like that

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Yeah you can add any color which resonates for you.