Sigil for Sastan

I want to start working with Sastan to open up my astral senses etc.

Does anyone have his sigil? If not which of E.A’s courses can I buy which has it alongside with the ritual to first meet him.


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kingdoms of flame - the book i mean


Thanks ebdr, the course is fairly cheap too.

Here we go…

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I got the book and started reading it.

The part where you should have a copy or picture of the sorcerers seal during these workings do you guys just draw it and gave it next to you.

As for the circle and triangle how to you create such things? Is there a simpler way to do this without missing anything out.

I’m only looking to work with Sastan right now to open my senses.

He’s not a demon as such so do I need to protect myself as much? Would do the banishing before and after any work with him as standard.


i just use Sastan’s sigil i never did the whole bunch of things mentionned, just be polite and connect to Sastan


You do not need to follow the complete system laid out in Kingdoms of Flames to work with Sastan, unless you want to. In the evocation course, EA doesn’t follow the book. He just opens the sigil before scrying into water, or a mirror.

Just open his sigil, and project your intention to have your senses opened, and then practice your scrying. You don’t need any sort of protection, and the banishing from the book, while superb, is also not necessary, unless you have energies to clear out, which might interfere with practicing with Sastan.

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I second what the above members said. I worked with Sastan for quite some time and it was a blast. Friendly, Kind, Majestic, Patient, Sassy ( at times xD ), but most importantly a great teacher. Instead of giving you the shortcut he pushes you forward, like a parent. He explains to you why things work and eventually helps you get out of your magical “slump” if you are in any. Just call him with his sigil. I did Channeling most of the time but he responds swiftly. Don’t worry and just call him when you feel the time is right.