Sigil for protection

Today I received a book i ordered on amazon, and with it the seller gave me that:

It says protection against jealousy, devil eye and bad luck; it is written i have to keep it on my pocket.
What is you opinion on it ?

Thank you :black_heart::no_mouth:


On an unnamed book?
Not much,
to be honest.

Looks like Golden Dawn to me.

The Seal you got,
is congruent, however.

A little outdated,
but it works. :wink:

Of course,
as we’re used to by Golden Dawn,
he misinformed you a little bit aswell.

The Seal is used to command and control spirits,
to Conjure them,
and evoke them.

So it’s not exactly against bad luck or devil eye.

The actual Protective Symbol against the Evil Eye,
would be:

The Hamsa, also known as
The Eye of Fatima.


The only kind of “protection”,
the Tetragrammaton gives you,
is marking you as a Magician / Witch,
and thus,
making you considered an Operator,
or Adult in Spirituality.

That is NOT equal to protection from Evil Eye.






It will work but you need to “activate” it or charge it first. Hold it between your hands, meditate on what you want it to do, for as long as you can and feel comfortable with. 10 to 15 minutes would be great. Do that every day for 5 days.Then keep it with you. :+1:

“Tetragramaton” is just a word. It’s like writing the word “A cross” on a piece of paper and give to a Christian for protection. It won’t do a thing unless you charge it first because it’s not a cross. Tetragramaton means the 4 letters name of God or the divine. But it’s not the name itself.

This is my opinion of course :slight_smile:


Cool stuff.
The two eyes there are that of the Divine, Supreme deity. Above it is Jupiter sign. Below it are Mercury symbol, two snakes, symbol of Mars, Sun, Moon and Venus; with divine names. Beside are chalice, staff and a sword. Powerful stuff.

I have one two, but it’s made into a seal. Very dreadful and terrible.

To summon forth a Spirit with this, hold it in your hand, say aloud the name of the Spirit, e.g Belial, or Michael come, and appear to me in this crystal ball or mirror or Show thy self before me in this circle.

No need of any protection so-ever. The seal is enough. The Spirit will appear, bowing his head and covering his face, and speak humbly to U. Very terrible seal.

Hold it in your left hand to curse, and in your right to bless. Many are its uses.

This Tetragrammaton sigil is so much powerful too, but won’t strike terror into the Spirits as this seal would. And won’t offer total protection. But will surely protect you against jealousy, devil eye, bad luck, evil attacks and more. But if you tweak it, you can use it to send back evil attacks to those who sent it. U will be able to do many wonders with it.

Good and powerful stuff you got there, keep it well.


Thank you for your answer.
But… what is the colored thread in the middle of your sigil :sweat_smile:?

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Thank you :black_heart:. So i have to do all the job with this sigil haha.
Well i still appreciate the seller put that on my delivery.


Thank you for your answer.

The book is “initiation into hermetics” by franz bardon.


The background or what’s below the seal is a planetary/zodiac character. What I’m talking about is what’s in the middle, a sigil/talisman made into a seal. Wrapped.

With countless meanings :smiley:

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The word “Tetragramaton” got one meaning, but the name of God that it refers to , there are countless meanings for it :+1:

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Yes,my bad,Tetragramaton means 4 letter name of god,yhwh was what I was talking about :sweat_smile:

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Oh my bad… so stupid! :sweat_smile: