Sigil for Baphomet

So, if one were to evoke Baphomet, what sigil would you use?

I would appreciate a picture of the sigil, and ideally a reference manual where you got it from. Thanks!

Would the inverted pentagram/goat of Mendes be sufficient? Just an idea.

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The two most powerful in my experience are the Dreccian Moons used by the ONA and the triple armed black sulphur looking one. Both are sure to bring lots of destruction and chaos.


So, these ones then?

Dreccian moons:

Sulphur looking one (this is just Sulphur, I haven’t seen a variant):

Also, how about any literature, or info regarding Baphomet? Ritual immersion, so to speak. And thanks for the replies so far.

Yes, the first sigil is correct. The second one aligned with Baphomet has another shorter cross on top though. Vibrating the Name and or proper esoteric chant is a good idea for the ritual but also for immersion into those energies.

About a week ago I got to read an ONA document (or maybe it was a part of some book? anyway, it was given to me by a friend so I don’t know if there’s more of that) on Baphomet and I can say that it was something that resonated with me. I really liked the way Baphomet was presented there, it was different from everything else I’ve read so far.

That’s the text I’m talking about


Recircle, check out The Baphomet Codex(revised edition) by EgoDiabolus.

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Is this book accurate?

There are 2 more sigils for Baphomet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: