Sigil flashing

So how do I get the sigil to start flashing? I’m trying to summon Azazel and see if he is my guardian

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Breathe rhythmically. In, hold, out, pause…keep repeating and fully relax.

Call out to Azazel, or say his enn.

Stare at the sigil, do not take your eyes off of it. After a while, the lines will move. Keep staring at it and cal out to Azazel again.

He is already there. Ask him what you want, and know he will deliver. Thank him, and you’re done.

When lines move, blur or whatever, you have opened a flashing sigil.

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2 useful links:

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What does it mean if it flashes quickly and reappear?

Check the link I posted above, Sigil Flashing: Consecration Explained & Simplified for Newbies :+1:

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