Sigil flashes but only straight lines

Hey there,

is it usual that the first few times i try to open a sigil only the straight lines from from above to below flashing? Does the whole sigil has to flash before i can speak to the entity or is it ok if only the straight lines are flashing? Also ive read that some lines can disappear, is this a must?

Cheers in advance

You’re not letting the ritual take you. You have to give into the receptive state. It starts out as pulsations within the atmosphere then the lines start to fade and eventually the entirety.

Thanks thats great help. But the flashing at the start is okay that way? I felt some kind of fuzzyness in the atmosphere, like it became a bit wibbly wobbly. But indeed i think i didnt took enough time and gave it not 100% attention (tho i have tried but not long enough i guess). Is there a point where i have to be careful that i dont go insane or can i give myself into it completely without worrying?

I would pay more attention to your desired goal and less about the states. Its similar to when in a contemplative and lost in space, its tunnel vision, but you go deeper. Its how I got use to the “state”.

The experience i had said that at least in my case i needed some training, or better said, “evoke often”. But, since i cannot afford my own place, only once in a while i can have a place (borrowed…) to perform magick and related. That kind of absence left me a bit dragged away and a bit difficult to engage back on it…but i remember i had quite difficult time and making it into the blank point where it actually desapears. Sometimes it keep coming and going, but the desired visualization is something like “looking inside it” or “beyond the gate” itself, at least it was what i felt like…