Sigil Entities!


what is sigil? does every entity has own sigil like ID card?

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Sigils/seals are like the phone number for spirits.

No, not every spirit has one.


You can however create one for any spirit that you know the name of.


Very much correct. Sigils/seals are usually either given by the spirits themselves, or created by the magician


Yep. Also some entities can give you some sigils of another ones.

But some don’t need one. Some are evocated only with candles or offerings like many Pomba Gira or Exu. In their cases you need to do the right offer and make the call. They often posses a medium called “pai de santo” and says what you have to do. All of that without any sigils and I don’t know anyone who did one.

So before you bother on create one sigil for an entity make a research on them first. Is better use of your time and efforts.

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