Sigil Divination

Hey All,

I’ve been reading S. Connolly’s Sigillum Diaboli, and was wondering if anyone has used the demonic seals as a divination tool as described in the book?

I’d appreciate any experiences anyone has had with the results and accuracy of this type of reading.


in the sense of using the sigils as tarot cards or as a skrying medium like a black mirror

The book describes using them in a way similar to tarot cards, with different spreads.

Another method given is the “sigil pot,” where the seals of the 72 Goetia spirits are placed a bowl, and one is drawn when advice is needed, or if you want to know how your day will go, etc.

i’m wondering how readings done in this way differed from the feel of using tarot.

For me, it looks like a tarot reading. Nothing that special or different enough to make it worth. It’s like, the effort on reading could be applied to building a relationship with one of these demons and asking them directly.

In fact, I don’t use any tarot anymore, not by myself. I always do divination by evoking some entity (generally Goetia ones) and asking him directly. I know that demands some “relationship” with these entities, but the outcome it’s impressive. It’s more like “build your own oracle” stuff. That’s why I didn’t enjoy his method at all.

But that was me, my own experiences. On this days, I don’t use tarot reading at all, sometimes a friend of mine trains his readings on me, but that’s all. If you’re on these kind of divination, maybe it’s worth a shot.

That’s exactly what I was about to come back and say

A Seal isn’t a Sigil. Sorry, but I’m old school.