Sigil Consecration Question


Ok, let me just start off by saying ihello fellow practitioners I hope all is well! I am no stranger to E.A. Koetting’s fine works but I do have a question that needs some clarity specifically concerning the process/technique described in Works of Darkness on demonic sigil magick. Using the process of sigil opening and consecration as stated in Baneful Magick and Works of Darkness can this be used for sigils created by the practitioner for other goals? Say if i wanted to create a sigil for improved health using the spare creation method and opening/consecrating it using the same method as described for demonic sigil magick and get results? I realize this was briefly mentioned in the other sigil threads but it wasn’t covered in any depth that I personally didn’t know already or found useful. I’m not a newb but just looking to see if anyone has had this similiar question and can offer any practical advice or guidance. Maybe a real life example of using this method and what results (if any) were achieved and possible time frame for manifestation. Thanks in advance ya’ll!


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I haven’t tried to combine both methods. However, it is clear that E.A.'s technique is more effective since it uses the sigils and seals of powerful entities, while Spare’s method uses sigils made by you.

The whole idea of gazing at a sigil while you visualize a goal is to link the entity with the request and establish a mental contact with the former. It is a lesser form of evocation, so it is very powerful and effective. The sigils made using Spare’s method are not associated with any entity, so if you use both techniques combined you will be only creating a link between the drawing and your goal. There is no link with something that can help you in achieving your goal, such as an angel or a demon, so results can be much less powerful.

However, I believe that experimentation is the only way we can know if something works of it doesn’t. I repeat again: I haven’t combined both techniques, so what I am writing is pure speculation based on experience and a little theory. Maybe someone can give you more information :slight_smile:

Good luck in your path. Contact me if you have any doubt. I don’t bite :wink:


Thanks for the advice tania! I understand what you’re saying and it makes sense, but honestly I don’t feel like I need to use entities unless I feel it necessary in the goal I’m working towards. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy working with spirits, entities, etc. and in magic there definately is a need for it and in my experience it is effective. But usually I like to use my own power for most goals that I feel are within my magical influence so this combination of techniques is the first time i’ve tried it (working performed a day ago). I’ve used inclusively Koetting’s demonic sigil magic once and found it effective but never for a goal like this without using an entity. And tania no offense but they way you equated the effectiveness of using a sigil associated with an entity as per se using a self created one and charging that is somehow less effective? I understand using entities in this manner is capable of powerful effects but in my experience using your own sigils can be just as effective at times but the manifestation of my self created sigils seems to be hit or miss.


The Spare method requires the activation of the sigil by implanting it into the psyche, and in order to achieve this you need to enter a trance state. If you can enter such a state through the sigil concecration process described in “Works of Darkness” then I don’t see why it couldn’t be used in order to activate a sigils created by the practitioner.


Ok, thanks guys. I was wondering about that because there isn’t much difference to the basics of it between E.A.'s method and spare’s or carroll’s.


I suppose I will just have to wait and see for the results!


Consecration of well established sigils rather than making them myself has brought me significantly better results.


Yes, you are right. When you practice magick, with time you’ll be able to manifest your goals more easily. E.A. mentions in Baneful Magick that when you practice in order to master the ability of instantaneous manifestation, the time needed to get results will be shorter and shorter. Months will become weeks, weeks will become days, and so on.

With experience, your spells will be as powerful as simple demonic sigil consecrations. At times, “simpler” forms of magick, such as candle magick, can bring dramatic results. It depends on your ability, concentration and how easily can your environment be altered.

Remember to report on your results once they manifest. :slight_smile:



Yes Tania I have noticed that with time my results seem to manifest quicker but I’ve also noticed that certain techniques produce faster and accurate results than others, I find it very interesting and confusing. It seems the farther and longer I walk this path the more I learn but the more questions I seem to have.


But my main reason for this post is to see if others have experience in this matter and not just theory of course. I will have to post results for sure!


It is strange though that sometimes depending on the goal and situation “simpler” forms of magick seem to produce amazing effects compared to more complex forms of magick. I haven’t met a practitioner yet who can explain why this happens but I guess it’s one of natures mysteries lol! I suppose it has to do with unforeseen variables or maybe its a function of magick that we have yet to understand.


I think it especially depends on how well YOU can connect to a specific type of Magick. Simple rituals take less time, memorization and effort and this can lead to less stress and doubt and thus a full ‘plunge’ into the moment.


This thread has been a bit quiet but I will try my question here first. I cant find anywhere on the boards the actual process of energising sigils with an intent associated with the energising. Loads of people refer to it but I cant find it laid out. I have not yet read Baneful Magic or Works of Darkness as I am in fact new to Erics work so unless its the drawing with three hands method very briefly outlined in BALG I would appreciate some more info.


Hey there neophyte! I believe the energizing or consecration/opening process that E.A. uses is mentioned fully in both baneful magic and works of darkness. From what I gather you basically stare at the sigil with your goal in mind without straining or forcing anything to happen. Once the goal and the sigil have been linked and opened the sigil will start to “flash”. This means it has been awakened to it’s purpose and is ready for use. I personally came across works of darkness in 2009 and successfully performed this specific technique that i’ve never heard of elsewhere and my results manifested well. The most recent occassion was this health sigil for a friend that i tried charging but this specific sigil didn’t have a spirit associated with it (self created using the spare method). I slid it under the mattress to help energize a roommate that has been feeling shitty but haven’t noticed anything and decided to burn it since she got kinda worse. Maybe I should have approached it from a different angle and it would have worked. So technically i’ve only had the one experience of demonic sigil magic with martal but no evocation was practiced. Feel free to correct me if the process of energizing the sigils was explained incorrectly. The specific technique of sigil consecration that e.a. introduced is something completely new to me (technique wise any way).


Hey theenlightnedone23
funnily enough just after posting this a load of material came up around it on the forum so I got the theory down now and yes how you describe it is pretty much how Ive understood it.

Last night I used it to energise a ‘square’ from Abramelins book for wealth and I will try another sigil tomorrow linked to a spirit. The feedback I picked up is that using demonic or angelic sigils will get better results in the main as the powers there are old and more predicatable in response rather than Spares method which leaves more down to yourself.


Funny how coincidence lines up like that. Yeah I was browsing around the forums as well and found that someone had explained the sigil consecration better than I did in the Money Magic section. Also I plan to use the square for wealth as well after hearing that it’s producing results for people quite well, I have to say that i’ve never used a square before so this should be interesting. Don’t you think that firing off a different sigil everynight is overdue? I’m from the thought that you have to wait for one to manifest before throwing another out, how many people have experienced throwing multiples squares/sigils during a week or whatever and experienced results? Just curious


Well, if you would have either WoD or BM, you will notice that the drawing with three hands and demonic sigil magick are both the same technique. Since E.A. wrote about it in four of his books (he also mentioned it in Evoking Eternity for the purpose of making contact with the entity to evoke) the method is explained in a slighty different way, but in essence, the technique doesn’t change.


Hey enlightened well I have limited experience Of sigils up till now just used Spares method a couple of times before. I also read on this forum about people using multiple sigils and the issue was more keeping track of them and closing them once the intention was completed and thanking the energies involved. Why would multiple sigils cross contaminate or dilute the process or such do you think?

@ Tania - well I’m new to Eric’s work recently so working through EE now and BOA next. I know he has fans here who seem to know all his work yea.


Well Neophyte I’m not sure if cross contamination, dilution, or cancelling each other out is possible. I’ve also had no serious practitioners in my area that can debate a few things such as how many sigils is too many and is it possible to cast multiple spells or rituals for different purposes and wait for them all to manifest, or do i do one working at a time and wait a week in between spells. See, ever since I started my path on the occult almost 13 years ago i’ve always had a ton of questions that haven’t been answered to this day which is strange cuz i’m an avid reader/researcher and im familiar with many branches of the occult. But one thing that has stumped me is this: Do we cast a spell/ritual/whatever and wait for it to manifest or is it possible to cast multiple spells within a short time period and can we expect most or all of them to manifest as intended? I’ve always wondered how much is too much or if it’s all just a matter of keeping track of the manifestation of spells/rituals and we can do workings multiple times a week for different things. I hope this makes sense but in a way it applies to sigils since they are a potent magickal form of change.


Well Fellas, its been my experience that sitting back waiting for the manifestation to unfold is the most unhelpful choice I can make - it keeps one’s focus on what’s lacking or missing, which is a vastly different vibration fom the one I need to emit (which is unwavering certainty). To me the closest I can get to unwavering certainty is frequently to NOT think about it once the ritual or spell is complete.

For me, this includes casting/ working/ summoning often on a variety of topics. I sort of lose track of it all … and when I notice a result has arrived its like, “Oh, there you are! I knew you were coming…”. Z :wink: